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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:32 | Category: Career

The modern woman can be seen easily in the office of the director, a police officer, foreman, crane operator and even a miner. However, it is rather the exception than the rule. Yet women continue to attract more traditional professions.

Rating "female" professions headed the post of secretary-receptionist. All 100% of applicants to the secretaries - women. Research Center portal has studied 50 of the most popular professions, based on an analysis of summary candidates with experience in a particular area. As a result, from all walks of only the post of secretary-receptionist at 100% was "female", ie it tend to occupy only the fairer sex.
On an inspector of the personnel department of women, probably no less comfortable than in an armchair secretary (97% of the total number of applicants for this position). What follows is not less than "ladies" profession - office manager (95% women).

Planning a vacation is also willing to mostly women, writing in the ranking of the best position in Tourism management (92% of the fairer sex). "Female" professions and is an assistant (or assistant) of the head (88% of applicants for the position - the ladies).

Accountant - though the word is masculine, but women are more likely to comply with the requirements of the aspiring to occupy this place (accountant want to work 86% of women). The same number of women (86%) are willing to become a landscape designer.

Talk on the phone to good use for the money, namely to work in the profession of call-center, 82% of women have desired.

Women are able to take care not only about their family, husband and children, but we are ready to think about the world, and more specifically about the environment - 79% of applicants for the post of ecologist again woman.

Creative itch does not leave alone the weaker sex, because the lady ahead of men dream to take advertising and public relations manager of the chair (75% and 73% soiskatelnits).

Slightly fewer women (67%) tend to trade a literary editor and price calculation. Not ready to give up women the stronger sex and position of the auditor and architect (65%).

Quite in demand among women and the profession fitness trainer (62%), content manager and brand manager (60%).

From serious and intellectual pursuits women choose a specialty lawyer (57%) and financial analysts (55%), despite the fact that the activities in the field of market analysis and the right still some 10-15 years ago was the exclusive prerogative of men.

Thus, a case study confirmed that the "female" professions - is not a myth, they have a place to be, and sometimes women can seriously compete with men in the labor market. A woman on some positions - not simply irreplaceable worker and the only possible option. The main thing, enjoyable and revenue, and then it will be headed by right ranking of the best "female" professions to the most representative of the fairer sex profession was chosen like it!


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