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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:30 | Category: LIFESTYLE

Questions of attribution, and improve enterprise employees p.p.10-21 discharge governed by the General Regulations of the Uniform tariff-qualifying directory of professions, approved in 1985. According to him, these issues are the responsibility of the Qualification Commission, which is created by the order of the director. But the reason for the meeting of the Commission a statement of the employee.

Before you write an application for discharge increase, consider all the arguments that you can bring in favor of what your qualifications are improved, and you can qualify for a higher rank, class, category. Take a standard sheet of A4 format writing paper, a pen with black or blue ink and begin to write a statement.
In the upper right corner of the post name and initials, as head of the enterprise and the full name of your company. Then write the word "from" and enter your name, title, category, class, or group, the name of division in which you are working.

After the address of the middle line write with capital letters the word "statement" and, departing with a red line, contains the substance of your request. Start it with the words "Please accept my qualifying exam for rank-so."
Provide brief information about yourself and your work. Write a school and when you're finished, what specialty acquired during training. Tell us about the experience of the work in this specialty, list the level that you have, indicate which category you have now.

Then, you need to present facts that are the basis for the increase of your discharge. As such an argument can lead refresher or training courses you attended or graduated. The reason for the higher categories can be obtained a second degree, a certificate you after the passage of special education.

The application must be applied to improve the representation of your discharge, which is to write your immediate supervisor - a master, shift supervisor. In it, he should describe your professional skills, to characterize you as an employee, to describe personal qualities and tell about your achievements in the workplace.

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