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Published : 20-02-2016, 20:09 | Category: NEW FASHION

Clothing for the low girls that choose
You've come to the store - you should not rely solely on the model, which is now the height of fashion. For example, clothing and many layers of loose-fitting, it is now urgent, but it does not suit you - you'll look like a schoolgirl whose mother bought clothes for growth. This type of clothing is visually increases the volume of the figures, making shorter and better, even a very fragile girl. All your appearance should strive upward, that is, the shoulder belt should not be overloaded and look bigger in size than the bottom. No shoulder pads and baggy things! But the collar small stands will add you a few cherished sentiments.

How to dress the girls low

Jackets and blouses should not be greatly elongated styles - the figure will not seem proportionate and squat. Pick elegant form-fitting things that emphasize the silhouette. Avoid bulky sweaters knitted with a closed mouth.

How to dress the girls low

It is best to "pull" a little tight silhouette vests, pullovers and knitted blouses, T-shirts with a deep V-neck. This neckline visually lengthens the upper body.

Choose a dress that is not visually divides the figure into two parts and does not create extra fullness at the waist. This means that the top must pass smoothly into the bottom. If you break the figure contrasting colors of clothing or materials that are not consistent with each other, you only emphasize the short stature.

Avoid wide belts, not in the tone of the clothes, they give "effect" shortening.

The colors and silhouette
You fit all the dark, but no boring saturated colors - are significantly "extend" shape, as well as a vertical bar. Good will look clothes with vertical stripes or decorative seams, small geometric pattern. Eliminate from your wardrobe along with large floral print or ornament. Prefer laconic style and monotonous colors.

How to dress the girls low

Special "ruining" harmony - horizontal stripes, any cell and rounded figure. These tips are suitable for obese women - they will look not only taller but slimmer. Clothing "children's" bright colors, clearly does not fit, coupled with a small increase in will give you the kind of frivolous.

Choosing the perfect pants for low growth
Trousers are best pick straight and not too tight. Do you fit the classic pants with arrows. The length should be such that the trouser leg edge reached the end of the heel, then the legs will seem slim.

How to dress the girls low

Jeans is better to choose a high waist and tapering rather than broad "pipe". Very skinny leg denim, good only in conjunction with a high heel.

How to dress the girls low

From the close and short pants boldly refuse - foot in them look out of proportion. Trying Capri, pay attention to the fact that there is no cut-off parts and cuffs, such trousers will look cumbersome and, therefore, do not decorate.

Shorts, useful and convenient thing for any girl, for miniature - is no exception, wear health. These perfect-fitting shirt elongated, with medium-sized print on the chest. Do not buy pants with hems and with low waist, all weights and visually shortens the figure.

How to dress the girls low

What kind of skirts and dresses are suitable for low girls
Feel free to simply brush dresses and skirts on the yoke and numerous assemblies, this style will make you squat. You come only to the best-fitting gown with a slightly high waist - leg at the same time visually lengthen.

How to dress the girls low

If you have a standard figure, the length can be both maxi and mini. But the best option for tiny girls - straight skirts to the knee or slightly below. A model with a long reach mid-calf - losing option - your legs will seem short. Perfect Dress - case.

Coats - Yes, lush fur - No
The long coat is not the best option - to emphasize a slight increase. Double-breasted, with big hoods and voluminous collars, coats will make the upper torso disproportionately heavy and square. It is better to look at the short-cut and simple shaped knees.

How to dress the girls low

Fur products, even the most expensive, create waste volume, and the figure will look wide and squat.

Shoes & Accessories
Footwear for "babes" - definitely on a high heel. But do not overdo it, excesses such as platform shoes with extremely high heels, make you comical. But entirely without adding an object coveted centimeters, can not do. The height of the heel should be about 5 - 7 cm.

How to dress the girls low

Avoid heavy and solid shoes. In combination with a slight increase - it looks at least strange, and absolutely slim. Suit elegant shoes for the summer, and fall are good boots with high heels.

How to dress the girls low

Bag buy on their size - small. Lush hair, big hats, thick knitted scarves - not for you. Miniature lady must have all the match for itself - small earrings, bracelets and pendants, belts and handbags, beads - all only moderate size. Do not wear or carry bulky items and large accessories, they "set off" your little growth.


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