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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:24 | Category: BEAUTY

Stress, fatigue, lifestyle, excessive exercise, age instantly reflected on the exterior, face state and even its forms. But this is not a reason to run to the beautician or plastic surgery to correct certain facial features as possible without resorting to the services of specialists. It's enough to perform regular exercises for the face.

Gymnastics for the person known for many years. But right now, it has become particularly popular. It is no coincidence: using basic exercises complex, called feysbildingom, you can dramatically change the appearance of the face, to get rid of wrinkles and outstanding deficiencies. feysbildingom Classes cause facial muscles to work, and thus to strengthen and tighten facial problem areas.
For example, to restore the old oval face, chubby cheeks clean suit the following exercises: tilts in different directions, the retraction of the cheeks, jaw movement. But first, these classes perform better at home in front of a mirror. When you have mastered the exercise, they can indulge in moments of relaxation and even sitting in front of a TV.

Before proceeding to the gym, prepare the cream for massage. For these purposes, you can use any cream or lotion. Apply it on the problem areas and gently massage your face, paying particular attention to the nasolabial part, chin and cheeks.

When a person is a bit warmed up, proceed to the basic exercises. For starters, you can work the jaw. Extend the lower jaw as far as possible forward, trying to strain the muscles of the chin. For best results, slightly tilt the head back. And repeat this exercise until you feel warmth or tingling in the muscles of the chin.

Refine your face helps retraction and extension of the cheeks. Do not forget to gently stroke her cheek. You also need to feel the facial muscles begin to work.

Then do the exercises, "hiding" inside the mouth lip, trying to hide their teeth. Feel the tension in the cheeks and chin. In carrying out this exercise, pat hands cheeks. Repeat 5-10 times.

Later transfer to the slopes of the head to the right and to the left. Try to reach the ear to the shoulder. Then complicate the exercise. Leaning to the left shoulder, put his right hand on his right temple and try to overcome the resistance, to reach the right ear to the right shoulder. Then do the exercise in the opposite direction. Suffice 5-10 repetitions.

Fortunately for slimming the face and turns to the side. Do not forget to strain the muscles of the face.

And remember to exercise regularly. The more often you will be doing them, the faster you will see results. It is best to give yourself a favorite 5-10 minutes twice a day, morning and evening. When a person begins to be transformed, can be reduced to a single rate of exercise a day.


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