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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:18 | Category: BEAUTY

In the event of the need for weight loss, some women resort to strict diets, while forgetting about the effectiveness of an integrated approach. Special exercises and exercise combined with proper nutrition are able to produce a great effect.

Actively involved in gymnastics, with a great mood and pleasure. Physical exercise should be systematic, to accustom your body to burn calories, making it a kind of mechanism for utilization of fat. To get a good effect it is recommended to spend at the gym no less than forty minutes, this time is enough to make melt accumulated resources.
Quickly and effectively lose weight will help to swimming, running and walking combined with gymnastics. Before the start of training necessary to warm up your muscles at a slow pace. Do swings his arms and legs, squat and rotate the torso for five minutes. So, stand up straight, straighten your back and place your feet at shoulder level. Raise your arms forward, then up and down dip. Repeat this exercise twenty times for each hand position.

For the next exercise remain in the same position. Do tilts forward, with knees should be straight, do not bend them. Try to get your knees head. Begin this exercise with five times and gradually bring up to twenty times a day.

Then, spread your feet shoulder-width apart, begin to alternate the slopes to the right and left sides. Start with five exercises and bring them gradually up to fifteen times. Then do twenty or thirty squats with your back straight. For the next exercise you will need a gym mat, lie on your back and remove your hands behind your head. Secure the legs in an upright position for a stable object (for the edge of the couch or bed) or ask to hold the legs any of the household. Begin to raise the body as long as it does not take a sitting position. Repeat the exercise ten to twenty times.

Then stay in the supine position and bend your knees, hips begin to move alternately in the right and left sides, hands at the same time should be at your sides. Do ten repetitions for each side. Starting position lying down, straighten your legs and pull them forward. Lift them to the height of fifteen centimeters above the floor. Hold the legs in this position as long as possible, and you will feel how tense the abdominal muscles.

Thanks to the next exercise, you will get rid of excess fat on the hips. Sit on the floor and stand with your feet wide. Squeeze your buttocks, hips and back, place your hands on the floor behind him. Start reaching out to the toe of the left foot, the farther the better. Then, do the same thing in the opposite direction. Linger at the lowest point for thirty seconds and return to starting position. Repeat fifty times.


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