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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:11 | Category: LOVE AND RELATIONS

The perfect bride - is the one who rides a horse under the windows of your favorite or the one who remembers that his fiancee wants to hear Moby and gives her the wedding tickets to his concert? Every girl my idea of ​​the perfect groom.

What girl has not dreamed about how her wedding will take place? It is unlikely that there are any in the world. Every thought about what dress to choose how to conduct the ceremony, many guests to invite, and if you need to wear a garter. And, of course, every girl dreams of her prince, who will lead her to the altar. I wish that this man was the best in the world, he has become a good husband, a caring father. And to begin with - that it turned out to be the perfect bride. Each girl has invested in the concept of "perfect bride" something of his own: for someone appearance is important, for someone - financial situation, for someone - the ability to resolve all issues in preparation for the wedding. But surely any woman would agree that the ideal and the groom should behave perfectly.

Perfect groom understands that wedding - is the main day in the life of his bride, and not trying to "pull the blanket over himself." He is happy to allow his bride to be in the spotlight. He admires her dress, hair, makeup. He emphasizes, as it is delightful in this beautiful day, do not forget to add that on other days it is also beautiful. He with anybody it does not compare, it is for him - only.

Perfect groom delves into all the preparations for the wedding. even if he knows that a particular issue is dealt with by someone else, he always asks if you need help. He knows exactly all the details of the ceremony how much the car will arrive, when to wait for the photographer and, in any case, has the phones 'reserve' driver - who knows what.

Perfect groom know in advance what the bouquet would like his fiancee and his orders at the best florist, you do not forget to specify the dates on which the bouquet is ready. He orders as small bunches in the same colors for all the bridesmaids (this is often overlooked, but believe me, if you do so, the bride and her friends will be grateful). He picks up a bunch in advance and comes the bride is already in it.

Perfect groom remembers that the beloved grandmother of his future wife's allergic to fish and agree in advance with the waiter to replace meals for granny. Undoubtedly, this concern on the part of the groom on the bride's relatives would be appreciated. It is also the eve of the wedding calls in the restaurant, where there will be a holiday, and checks - everything is ready? Specifies the menu, number of guests, details of appointments.

And, of course, the perfect groom truly loves his bride, and could tell her with his eyes.


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