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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:09 | Category: LIFESTYLE

The bride and groom - the main characters of a wedding, and they should certainly be the most beautiful on this holiday. In contrast to the bride, the groom usually refers to their appearance are much easier. However, the elegant bride obliges him to be worthy of his beloved. The bride should be the eyes of guests in a fashionable and elegant suit, certificate of good taste.

There are many kinds of festive menswear, but such options are traditionally chosen for the wedding:

Tuxedo - elegant evening men's suit. Usually tuxedo jacket has a classic collar, or collar "Schalke", lapels trimmed outside silk or satin. Trousers, too, as a rule, are decorated with silk braid, which runs along the outer seam of color tuxedo is traditionally black, but there are others: white, gray, blue.

Frac - a jacket with carved floors at the waist, tapered front and long tails behind. Such jacket wear trousers without flap.

Classic formal suit (the "troika", or "two") - an excellent choice for men of any height and build. It can be dark or light, the main thing - carefully chosen color combination to suit vest tone.

The shirt should always be self-colored and bright, and the cut does not matter.

Shoes also should certainly be the classical model and the best black.

Very important accessories: tie, butterfly, neck scarf, cufflinks, clips, pins, boutonniere, a sash, a pocket handkerchief. They give a special, solemn look around the image of the groom.

A classic tie should always be long, to extract from the waist up.

Tie-pei - free drapeable wide tie with a large knot. It put under any collar and always with a vest.

Drawing and color of the tie is determined by fashion trends and personal taste.

Butterfly - black or white. grooms often stop option on it.

Scarf or neck scarf - an alternative to the tie. In this cut-out from the vest must not be too low or too high, so beautiful scarf out from under him. It looks romantic.

The original, beautiful clip and pin with the head of the semi-precious stone with studs included not only decorate the costume, but also emphasize the refined taste of its owner.

Boutonniere (a flower or small bunch) is a pair for the bride's bouquet, and should be performed in the same colors. Traditionally, located on the left lapel.

Sash - wide belt draped pleated. Designed exclusively for wear with a tuxedo. Color sash can be any, but always match the color of a butterfly.

Pocket handkerchief, picked up by the color, give the completed form of addition.

Dress groom at a wedding


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