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Published : 7-04-2016, 20:06 | Category: LOVE AND RELATIONS

At all times it was considered a betrayal of something shameful, unworthy. This was true of both men and women, despite repeated statements that the man on the nature of polygamy, and the woman has the right to choose the most suitable partner. In general, the attitude of modern society to change is still negative, although sometimes come to the fight and interests, far from love and family affairs.
Firstly, an important role in the modern attitude to change plays a material interest.

A woman or a man can endure years of invisible (and sometimes quite sizeable) the presence of a lover (lover) in the house. But in the end, both women and men there is a strong mental disorder from the duality of the situation, and the outcome of this drama can be very sad. Of course, sometimes in protest husband or wife, and themselves can take solace in the arms of others, but in this case do not have to talk about the family, and the deceived husband happily points to the door of his former second half.

Secondly, for treason sometimes turn a blind eye and those spouses who care about the welfare of their children or other relatives. This, too, is one of the aspects of financial dependence, even if it is covered completely altruistic motives.

Third, the betrayal can not advertise for fear of stigmatization. In today's world, no one wants to look weak and useless, therefore, preference is given to "thin one world" and "a good quarrel" is held behind tightly closed doors. Spouses who find themselves in such a situation, not only did no longer trust each other, they can start and problems with health - both mental and physical. After all, a man always need the support, at least on the part of friends or relatives. And if such support no spousal (which is natural), or from the loved ones, then worry replaced with a prolonged depression with all its consequences.

Fourth, cheating can be justified and the fear of being alone, or as it may seem strange, leave alone the person who has committed treason. Many spouses who left their unfaithful wives or husbands, often then suffer remorse and want to return everything, just to be close to everything yet a loved one or to maintain it in difficult times. Often these thoughts and stop literally on the doorstep of many who want to just say goodbye forever changed the spouse.

All these reasons are, of course, does not always lead to the preservation of the family and sometimes aggravate the situation. But if a man is driven not only fear of being destitute, or fear of being alone, and now a deep sense, the chances of recovery are increased family repeatedly.
Our attitude to changing

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