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Published : 7-04-2016, 19:56 | Category: Sport and Fitness

In glossy magazines and on the Internet easily open spaces can find a lot of tips for those who wish to do more than slim your legs. And diet and exercise, and feedback on the effectiveness of various anti-cellulite creams and tightens.

But, making once again cellulite massage or sit-ups, we forget that the slender should be not only the feet, but also my hands. Surrounding these our hands visible, no less so for their harmony is necessary to take care with the same enthusiasm. Female JustLady magazine knows how to make hand slender, and is willing to share his secrets with

I see the goal, I see and means

First we need to determine what problems hinder our hands to be perfect. So much easier to understand how to make your hands slim.

"I never thought that I would have to give up the dress that I like it, because now on my body all should sit perfectly," - says Maria. The girl has long struggled with being overweight, and now boasts a wasp waist and her perfectly proportioned body. But, trying to open the shop sundress that was to adorn her perfect figure at the wedding of a friend, Mary noticed that he could not keep his hands open, as on the top, it would seem, slender hands literally skin droops.

This problem is known to many women, especially those who have lost weight successfully and quickly. Usually, her decision to trust all sorts of shawls and handkerchiefs, throwing these items of clothes on their shoulders and hiding so that problem areas of the inside of the hand. Is not it easier to learn how to make hand slender, and eliminate or prevent this deficiency by means of exercises for shapely hands, and not to hide it under layers of clothing?

"Considering the recent photographs, I noticed that I have very thin arms," ​​- says Lisa. It is usually assumed that the thinness - is a universal ideal to which one must strive by all means. But too thin, not shapely hands, does not cause thoughts of the ideal. Do not rush to despair, if you too are faced with this problem, and do not know how to do hands slim. Regular exercise for slim hands - and the necessary muscle mass will make them more prominent and attractive.

Another problem that may bother the girls and women - extra volume in the upper arms. But this problem can be solved if you do not know just how to make your hands slender, but also regularly apply this knowledge in practice.

Exercises to slim hands

If a slender hand to you - lack of motivation and laziness nevertheless has its calling to lie down in front of the TV and put the exercises for slim hands tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow, it may be interesting for you would be the information that almost all exercises for shapely hands and simultaneously directed at improving the shape of the breast. Moreover, regular exercise such a plan allows even slightly increase the breast, making it more toned and elastic. So, wondering how to make a slender hand, at the same time you are interested in and how to correct the shape of the breast.


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