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Published : 7-04-2016, 19:48 | Category: Sport and Fitness

The rhythm of modern life is extremely swift. And we must always be in the form, be it late at night or early in the morning. And it is the most difficult thing in the morning to recover from a deep sleep. Make it a morning exercise will help.

The sharp rise from the bed by the alarm signal - that's the main mistake most people. Many people tend to sleep as long as possible, to determine for themselves a clear boundary, after which the only remains that quickly get up, wash, breakfast and a quick start performance of daily duties.
Meanwhile, the body receives a great stress: relaxed muscles are forced to decline sharply, the heart is hard to beat, the nervous system is literally "breaks" from the adrenaline rush, accompanied by throbbing in the head, "no matter how late." To save yourself from such hassles, you should wake up properly and do not deny your body in such a pleasure, as the morning exercises.

So, rule number one reads: wake up slowly. To do this, you must program the alarm clock at 15 minutes before the moment when it is really necessary to get up. Do not forget that you'll need 10 more minutes for morning exercises.

After the alarm is not in a hurry to get out of bed. Without opening his eyes, feel your body, the way you lie, and what surrounds you, what smells and sounds brings you a new morning. Then you can open your eyes and begin to exercise the very first morning exercise - sipping! On the inhale pull the feet themselves, Breath - by himself. The following exercise: bend your knees, pull your knees to the right and left hand elbow and vice versa.

Before you get up, turn over on his stomach and rise, starting from the bed with his hands.

After washing, comes the turn of the new exercises that you will perform is already out of his bed. Their specific list may vary according to your desire. But the favorites in it should always be stretching exercises and breathing. And the best start with a quiet walk on the spot. Then it makes sense to make the slopes of the body in different directions, lifts the arms and squats. Valid and soft jumping. Very useful stand "on tiptoes", twist a little hoop. And of course, do not forget about Mahi hands and feet. In general, the performance of a complex of exercises morning exercises should not take more than 10-15 minutes.


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