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Published : 7-04-2016, 19:45 | Category: Sport and Fitness

Are you wondering how you can be late man find time for morning exercises? And whether it is necessary, this charge if workaday morning begins with the hated sound the alarm, time to spare, but there is still the usual crush in public transport and long working day?
It appears necessary!

As doctors say, simple morning workout not only improves the circulation of our blood, thus speeding up the metabolism, resulting in muscle tone, relieve us from the excess fat accumulation, but also prolongs life.

Of course, it is better, if the charge is paid every day for at least a quarter of an hour, but in an emergency it will be enough five minutes. Little better than nothing. To proceed with the exercises before breakfast, always drinking in front of this glass of water or tea, to prevent excessive strain on the heart, because during the night's rest, your body more dehydrated. In winter you need to start with less strenuous exercise. In any case, be careful not to fatigue. You should only feel fit and increased heart rate.

Be sure to breathe deeply, cycling is not only the chest but also the abdomen. This will help straighten the lungs and improves blood flow.

Start by pulling up and normal development of the joints. Carry out a few head turns and rotate the wrists. Bend a couple of times ahead and to the sides. Perform two or three rotation pelvis alternately in one and the other side and a few light swings down. This is a small warm-up before the main exercise.

Walk in place, moving in time with the movement of his hands, then accelerate and go to run in place. Basic exercise your pick: you can do some push-ups from the wall, "Birch" or gymnastic "bridge" to sit down several times with outstretched arms. In any case, do what is acceptable and comfortable for you personally, for the purpose of charging - to cheer up and give cheerfulness feel. It should be mentioned that with the load strength exercises at the press for morning exercises are not suitable, it is better to perform it later. At the end of a deep breathe, and if much late, you can do it on the go.

Taking charge of one of your useful habits morning, you will notice that follow a healthy, proper lifestyle is easier than it seems.


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