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Published : 7-04-2016, 19:39 | Category: Sport and Fitness

The main thing - is to exercise was a joy, not a duty. Catching up with pleasure, it is easier to listen to your body and choose the right time to charge. Morning or evening? Precise and clear answer no coaches, no doctors. One option: morning exercises - for a lark, and evening - for owls ... However, there are many people who are not larks, and owls. So it is necessary to focus on how convenient it is to you, after weighing all the pros and cons.

Morning exercise is good because in the morning it is easier to spend calories ( "burn fat"). Modern research specialists in sports medicine show that morning exercise is enough only 20-30 minutes. This is equivalent to 40 minutes after lunch. After 17 hours of the day, our metabolism is set to the power consumption, and then decreases metabolic activity, hormonal and other systems are rearranged to fill stocks. Due to morning exercises all day decreases the feeling of hunger. Scientists theorize that exercise in the morning, "calms" the hormones responsible for appetite. In addition, the morning lower risk of injury. Fatigue is faster, and the heart rate and muscles are restored soon.
However, doing exercises in the morning, people do not always have time to eat breakfast (in fact between food and exercise to pass an hour!). A workout on an empty stomach is not effective and may even lead to fainting. However, you can eat a very light breakfast, which will have time to assimilate physical activities ... Another morning exercises can prevent the density of blood. You did not drink for several hours - during sleep. A certain amount of water in the morning "spent" urine. Blood became thick, and increased its circulation during charging overload the heart and veins. Before exercise should drink 1-2 cups of liquid and wait for about 10 minutes. It should be remembered that people often seem to be stood up, but his body is still "fills up". Blood flows slowly narrowed lungs, the nervous system is not operating at full strength ... Therefore, it is necessary to start charging with a warm-up, gradually increasing the load.

Evening charging speeds up the metabolism, which is usually the end of the day slowed down (so sweet, eaten for breakfast, may not be reflected in the figure - but the evening when there is no training will be felt). Moderate physical activity - an effective way to improve your metabolism. At night, after exercise the fat will disappear, because the calorie burning does not stop with the end of occupation (even by inertia at least 12 hours to recover the muscles continue, wasting energy). However, at the end of the day difficult to tune in charge - it prevents fatigue after work. After the evening charge hungry stronger than after the morning (although, in this case, you can select a different type of physical activity or reduce the time of training). And because of the exercise in the afternoon it can be difficult to sleep.


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