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Published : 7-04-2016, 19:15 | Category: Sport and Fitness

If you are doing daily morning exercises - you should be commended and congratulated. The habit of morning exercise is perhaps the most useful of the purchased by us. If you have not yet forced themselves to warm up in the morning, then you have something to strive for. But it is important also to know a couple of very useful facts about how to do morning exercises.

Properly done morning exercises - your ticket to well-being, vitality and high spirits for the whole next day. That competent workout after sleep helps your body to get a charge of the activity by improving the blood supply to all internal organs, tissue, muscle, and brain by saturating them with oxygen.

Immediately after waking activity your body is in decline: the nervous system is inhibited, the blood circulates slowly and slowly, the lungs are narrowed. A common mistake is a big load right after waking up. Power load, running, etc. may adversely affect your condition. Before going to the gym or run to work, you need morning exercise.

One of the main purposes of charging - to normalize blood circulation throughout the body. Morning gymnastics - is the first tool for those who want to lose weight, because, normalize blood circulation, you speed up the metabolism. You can spend the whole day in the office at the computer, but will burn excess fat thanks to a daily charge.

It is important to remember that the most useful charge - a daily charge. Do not be afraid of this, because the morning warm-up takes no more than half an hour, and may be only ten or fifteen minutes, if desired. Do you need to charge just before breakfast, but before that you need to drink a glass of clean water.

Start charging the always low-intensity exercise and gradually increase it. The main thing here - do not overdo it. At the end of charging, you should feel a surge of strength, not fatigue. If you get tired - reduce the charging time, and when retract. You can gradually be increased up to an hour.

It is important that charging is designed to awaken your body, so languid and relaxed movement limbs are not suitable. By the end of charging your heart rate can rise up to 100-110 beats, and that's OK (of course in the absence of cardiac abnormalities).

Start with a warm up joints and muscles warm up. Do not forget during all exercise to keep your back straight. Include exercises exercise those involving the maximum number of different muscle groups. Do squats, lunges, push-ups a variety of options, pull-ups (if there is a horizontal bar). You can do exercises with weights, but do not try to take heavier weights, for the morning warm-up is no good.

It is very important during all exercises correctly and breathe deeply. Breathe and chest, and abdomen. Deep breathing helps to stretch the lungs after sleep and enrich the blood with oxygen.


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Date: 19.12.17
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