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Published : 7-04-2016, 19:05 | Category: Children

Many people believe that intelligence - is the knowledge that man possesses. But this definition can be called narrow as intellect - it is also the ability to discover something new, and then apply the resulting practice. To develop this ability from birth is necessary.

When a child is born, the world knowledge begins at an emotional level. Scarce feels her mother's care, affection, it is surrounded by a wide variety of sounds, smells. Develop this area exploring the world around them, talk with the baby, smiling at him, he must constantly feel your warmth, as you give him a sense of security.

Approximately two months with the main body of knowledge of the world at the crumbs of a mouth. That's why kids start to try everything they see. The intelligence of the child develops together to give new sensations. Make crumbs able to listen to new sounds, to feel, to look at things. The fact that a child can pull in the mouth or finger rattle, there is nothing wrong, often the kids so calm himself. Always talk with your child, call things by their proper names. Do not forget that listening to see you, and absorb your baby.

With four months the baby is already firmly holding objects. He begins "gulit" answered her mother, smiling, to actively move his arms and legs. For a child this age can acquire more sophisticated toys. Rotating the wheel of the machine will cause unusual interest crumbs and singing teddy bear be sure to keep baby's attention.

With 6 months child can sit. This is a new position for exploring all that is happening around. Since that time, actively developing motor skills. "Walkers," "jumpers", developing mats - all this will allow the child to discover the world on their own. Suggest crumbs soft cubes, pyramids, dolls. Options for games with a lot of these items, complicate them, in accordance with the age of the baby. Read baby poems, tales, pay attention to the voices of animals. Let's compare the sounds of musical instruments.

From 1 to 3 years, the child is actively exploring the world through imitating adults. Kid sees the lifestyle of the parents, and the same pattern of behavior is gradually taking shape in him. To get your child sought knowledge to his intelligence developed, replenish life useful and interesting things. Watch what happens in the street, shows how to respond to a particular situation. The kid needs to see an example, to perceive what you are teaching him not only at the hearing. Draw with your child paint, sculpt out of clay - it develops many psychological processes.

Catching up with the baby, you can appreciate what he likes, what have the ability. Visit the children's plays, concerts, they increase the spiritual culture, and hence the ability to feel, reason. When a child goes to school, for the further development of intelligence he must have a certain base of accumulated experiences, skills. All what you have been taught it, begins to manifest itself in the educational activity, so take the time to class with a toddler.
The development of intelligence in preschool children

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