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Published : 7-04-2016, 18:57 | Category: Health

Many have heard that the person uses his brain only 10%. However, there are situations where it is, and can not help. Surely almost everyone tried to remember certain information could not. But there are people who can easily remember once read things. In order to get a little closer to them, improve their memory.

Once you become aware of your problem, you need to find an effective solution. To your brain can memorize new information and keep the old one, pay attention to proper nutrition. It is necessary to nourish the body.

So, the first product, which is to add to your diet are nuts. With their help, you will regularly receive vitamin E, which supports memory capacity at a high level. In this series, you can also put the eggs, green leafy vegetables and rice.

To create the gray matter and the activation of these cells every day, eat a few blueberries and blueberry. You can cook the juice or compote, who would be happy to drink the whole family. The recipe is very simple: clean berries pour hot water, add honey and let it brew.

Strange but true - tomatoes contain a powerful antioxidant that prevents the destruction of brain cells. In addition, tomatoes normalizes the nervous system. A similar effect has a dark chocolate in which the cocoa content is much higher than in milk or white. We can only remember the pumpkin seeds. It is proved that just half a cup of sunflower seeds has a zinc dose sufficient to improve the functioning of the brain.

Do not rely on the fact that proper nutrition greatly improve your memory. In addition, occupies an additional exercise, the purpose of which - to develop the sharpness of thinking to accelerate the reaction, etc. The only way you can achieve amazing results.

Today, there are many exercises that can improve memory. If you do not want to spend his spare time on such pursuits, try to train her in everyday life. Thus, for example, can be seen billboards and signs, remembering the smallest details. Another good way to remember this or that information - draw an analogy, to create an association. Rewriting the same data, you will remember them for a long time. At the same time do not forget to give your brain rest.
How can I improve memory

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Date: 26.10.16
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