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Published : 20-02-2016, 19:58 | Category: Health

It's no secret that eating meals late at night contributes to the emergence of excess weight. And indeed it is. But sometimes ladies who are trying to watch her figure, did refuse to dinner. However, you should take note that the human brain is constantly falling asleep on an empty stomach, will signal the need to postpone the fat reserves, just in case it does cease to feed. And proceed to the task in the near future. It's hard to believe, but not with a meal, a person does not always lose weight, and sometimes even on the contrary, is getting fatter! Not only regular binge eating, and constant hunger, and malnutrition can cause excess weight.
Therefore, dinner must be. The main thing is to understand clearly what kind of dinner will not harm your figure and bring benefits to the body.
What a dinner will not harm the figure
A little about calories
The dinner should contain 25% of the volume of calories that are consumed by a person per day. The rest of the calories must be received before five o'clock. Most people activity is particularly high during the first half of the day, and calories ingested in large quantities, will contribute to the maintenance of energy instead of the accumulation of body fat.
supper correctly
For dinner, choose the preferred dishes without the use of high-calorie sauces and unhealthy fats. It may be light vegetable salad, oven baked fish or lean meat.
Under the ban for dinner as well and turn out products containing simple carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are very well absorbed by the body and are easily converted into sugar, which is usually us and energizes. But if this energy is, roughly speaking, do not spend, the sugar from carbohydrates instead of the energy is converted to fat. And as the evening - it is mostly time to rest and activity during these hours for most people is low, you have time to burn all those calories is simply unrealistic. So do not forget that if you actively take food with carbohydrates before bedtime or in the afternoon, in the next two weeks, waist size increased by two centimeters. Remember that the use of carbohydrates and fats is acceptable only in the morning.
The composition of the meal should include vegetables and a light protein foods and drinks you can choose from green tea without sugar or low-fat yogurt. And most importantly, you need to supper for 3-4 hours before bedtime, because food has to have time to be digested and leave the stomach.
Do not forget to drink water throughout the day!
To be brutally hungry for dinner, drink water throughout the day! Surprised? An adult should drink at least two liters of water during the day. If more individually suited, amount of the liquid required is calculated as follows: 30 mg of water per 1 kg of weight. If in the first half of the day will be consumed two-thirds of all the rules in the second half of the day the feeling of hunger is not so much manifest itself, and thus, gang up on everything during the dinner will not be necessary. Incidentally, to check if you are hungry in fact, drink a glass of water, and ten minutes later it will become clear, is it really necessary to have now or you can wait.
You must control your diet is correct: there is a better one and the same time. Between breakfast, lunch and dinner should only be light and healthy snacks.

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