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Published : 5-04-2016, 21:07 | Category: Career

The first days at a new job is always associated with some degree of stress. You can be sure of their own professionalism, but here's how to join the team is unknown? In every company there is a system administration personnel office and its adaptation to the new circle of colleagues. Try to make your first steps as may be less stressful.

The most common form of adaptation of new employees - to find him a tutor, who will explain the order starting from the schedule and location of the rooms and ending with the intricacies of corporate responsibilities and rules. The authorities responsible for the addictive chooses newcomer among experienced practitioners. This mentor often understand the features of, and know the common mistakes novice difficulties. It may even be the chief executive or his deputy. With the help of a mentor is easier to get to know colleagues and to feel part of the team. Considerable importance is the fact that there is always the next one to whom you can ask an urgent question. However, the information from a mentor can sometimes be subjective and one-sided. In addition, it can enter too strongly in the role of "teacher of life." What if the mentor and novice converge characters? So always consider the "human factor".

Recently, the fashion is sort of working knowledge that can be called an introductory seminar, welcome occupation, etc. The bottom line is that - once all employees, staged recently introduced into the swing of things as part of a specially developed for all programs. As employees get a holistic view of the organization in which they have started to work. However, not very self-confident novices can not be set in the process of preparing all the important questions it is for them. In addition, common to all classes without any whatsoever subjective opinion and personal orientation can be boring, pretentious, superficial or information overload.

Some companies have developed several training stages with a final test. Thus the newcomer an opportunity to gain additional knowledge in the specialty or related fields, but his previous experience is valued in this case is extremely rare. Besides training in parallel with the work of the new employee separates from the team at the very beginning of its activity in the company.

Typically, organizations use multiple options for the introduction of a new employee in the office. HR managers believe that the adaptation of the employee - a multi-faceted process, and "run" comes before the appearance of a new person in the state. It is advisable to prepare it for the workplace, make a plan of entering the office, to collect "folder new employee", to determine mentor. On the first day of work to take place execution of documents, briefings, familiarity with the working team and possibly the so-called Welcome-training. Then will stage the collection and analysis of information: the employee learns all about their responsibilities and the role of each team member. After some time, as needed, correction is performed. Once it becomes clear whether the employee sustained probation.

Of course, there are organizations where newcomers immediately have to understand all of their own. In this case, it is necessary not only to look closely and listen carefully, but do not hesitate to ask questions to the head and colleagues. If you open the information provided to you, will soon enter into the course of affairs, to establish relationships with the team and will be able to climb the ladder, because it lays the foundation of your future success in this period.


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