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Published : 5-04-2016, 21:05 | Category: Career

Passed interview, decorated papers tomorrow be the first working day in a new place. It is always exciting and stressful, even if behind a long employment history. The first impression made on colleagues who may be decisive for the future of relations with them, and success in their careers.

It is important to join the team in such a way to quickly find a common language with the bulk of the people to be his, not to feel the dark horse, to which all are eyeing. It may be that your site is expected to take another person. Be prepared for the negative or even attempts to discredit, as well as to the fact that you can begin to compare with the person who has worked in this position until you.
There are checks on ambition, intelligence, professionalism. Despite the fact that your task - to find friends and like-minded people, be careful not to fall into the struggle of the warring factions in the team. It is very difficult to understand all the intricacies of relationships within the company, so try to take a neutral position.

Begin each morning with a smile. Gloom people do not like, they are treated with suspicion and hostility. Do not hesitate to ask questions, ask about anything you do not understand. Do not be afraid to appear ignorant person. It is better to ask again once more than do the job properly. But do not try to please everyone, doing work for others or becoming a messenger for coffee. Carefully read your job responsibilities and clearly they follow. Do not allow crony relations, they do not go in your favor in the future.

Each company has its established traditions, support them. Accept invitations to corporate events, holidays, even for daily meals. Such moments bring people together, help them open up, express themselves.

Your task now is to talk less and listen more. Determine the informal leader of the team. Look who can help you if necessary. Especially pay attention to those people that you for some unknown reasons, uncomfortable. Perhaps those with whom you have to be on guard and not to open too. Do not forget to write the date of birthdays of your boss and coworkers. All of them will be pleased to receive congratulations on this day.

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