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Published : 5-04-2016, 20:58 | Category: Career

It often happens that an employee was appointed head. It is expected that with the position and powers he acquires a new perspective on many things, and appropriate skills. However, in life to move from the position of the Executive to the boss's position is not easy.

Many, becoming head of a team where not long ago they were on an equal footing with their colleagues, are beginning to worry and to wonder whether they will be able to cope with the new appointment. Some frightening responsibility, while others simply do not believe in their own abilities.
It should try to choose the right strategy for a certain behavior. Trying to be good for all may lead to loss of respect. Do not go to the other extreme - dramatically suspended from communion. Try to find the golden mean: do not try to be a friend to all, but not refuse to communicate.

Remember that you do not like the behavior of the boss when you were an ordinary employee, and that motivated a good job. This will help to create a comfortable environment for work. Explain that all of my colleagues, like, in your opinion, the workflow should be organized, which is unacceptable under any circumstances, how do you feel about being late, and jobs involving all hands. Most importantly, you are stuck to these rules in order to avoid misinterpretations.

Do not take on more than you can do. It is advisable to reconsider its previous attitude to the process and learn to delegate his powers. Think of the strengths of each of its employees and to give instructions in accordance with this knowledge. If you've been friends with someone from colleagues who do not disclose their secrets. And never manipulate that possess confidential information.

In implementing their plans in a timely and decisively to solve problems. Because of this, you deserve a respectful attitude of colleagues. Do not doubt his professional suitability, diffident head causes distrust among subordinates.

Do not assume that you are smarter than everyone else. Enlist the support of senior management, it will give you more self-confidence. Try to treat yourself with a sense of humor. Do not ridicule in the team in relation to themselves and do not try to make fun of his subordinates.

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Date: 06.11.17
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