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Published : 5-04-2016, 20:51 | Category: Sport and Fitness

Today, all who seek to maintain their physical shape, happy to engage in fitness - training, not only useful, but also fashionable. The truth is how to dress for them to feel comfortable and look spectacular, do not know everything.

Going to the gym for workouts, most involved prefer clothes made of natural fabrics and fears of clothing made from synthetic fabrics. And in vain. Now the clothes of synthetic fibers - sappleksa, elastane (plus cotton), polyester and Lycra most preferred as equipment for fitness, because it is considered better. These fabrics sweaty accelerate evaporation without leaving a bad smell and perfectly remove moisture from the body, allowing a person to feel the most comfortable.

As for the clothes, the girls with curvaceous should get a special sports bra, and those who are breast especially not "burden" is fine jersey with elastic inner top.

However, equipment for fitness depends on how it views physical activity plans to engage people. If Pilates, there is a special place is given to the technique of movements, so the most suitable clothes for these classes - short shorts or leggings. For lessons step aerobics need shirt and long pants, and for Latin - hip scarf. Yoga classes will be most comfortable in pants with low waist, called another Afghani.

Footwear for employment must also be suitable and conventional running shoes are not fit. There are special fitness trainers on the basis of material or completely fabric - high-rise and low sloping backdrop, the most convenient for the foot. To dance exercises needed Jazz, whose sole middle is made of fabric.

It is also important to know that you need to put themselves in a gym bag. For example, a wristband or leggings - it is not just beautiful and fashionable accessories. Gaiters help to quickly warm up the muscles and wristbands to protect wrists from sprains. Useful and device for measuring heart rate. It will show whether the classes are conducted with full intensity.

So, it is important to know that fitness classes begin with the correct equipment, and it should not be just a hygienic and comfortable, but also fashionable.


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