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Published : 5-04-2016, 20:45 | Category: Health

Increased appetite leads to the fact that the person eats more and more food than you need his body. Make yourself not to eat when you really want, it is quite difficult. That is why the collapse of the end good intentions go on a diet, or it quickly collapses. So, to deal with excess weight in the first place need to win your appetite.

The classic way to reduce appetite - a glass of water, preferably warm, the food. It will fill your stomach and you will be filled much faster, not eating too much. But the water naturally, should not be carbonated, and cold. Carbonated harm the stomach, stimulates appetite and cold.

Vegetable salad, consisting, for example, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, lettuce and green beans, dressed with low-fat yogurt or olive oil, which you eat in 10 minutes before lunch or in the evening, create a feeling of stomach fullness and reduce appetite. A similar effect has also green apples and bran with yogurt.

Low-calorie foods - chicken, cheese, fish, beans, stale brown bread, green vegetables, clear soups and slightly undercooked cereals, especially oatmeal - quickly fill the stomach. Once they have you will not want to. But the acute food and spices added to food should not be - they, on the contrary, increase appetite.

Sensation of hunger candy or a piece of dark chocolate - the calories you eat a little bit, but quickly the carbohydrates get into the bloodstream and the body feels a certain saturation.

For the meal, choose dishes blue color. Psychologists say that these "cold" colors reduce appetite, unlike the dishes of bright colors, which, on the contrary, it excites. In addition, experts recommend to impose food in small plates. Filled with small plate will give the impression of a normal portion. And do not rush her to empty - has long been proven that the more slowly you eat, the faster will be saturated.

In order not to feel hunger and, accordingly, do not have an increased appetite, you can change the number of meals. If you are going to eat often (about every 4-5 hours) and little by little, the body, busy digesting food, additional signals about hunger will not be sent. In this case, too, it is important that your dishes are not greasy and spicy.

Shoot down your appetite you can, when you leave to fresh air and stood to make ten or fifteen deep breaths. And if you then also propoloschete mouth mint water, your wish has become even smaller.

In order not to think about hunger, do something very interesting for you. With exciting experience you can forget all that he had not received food.


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