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Published : 5-04-2016, 20:30 | Category: YOUR STYLE

Colors not only affect the retina of the human eye, revitalizing and painting the world around, but also affect the psyche, causing hunger, or, on the contrary, reducing appetite. Uncover the secrets of the color palette - so learn to manage emotions and become the rightful owner of his body.

Bright juicy colors can cause appetite, even if the feeling of hunger is not too clear. "Orange", "lemons", "cherry", "peach" - the name of these flowers without reason connected with the mouth-watering fruits and berries. Yellow, orange and red tones are a signal for the body, preparing it for eating. This physiological feature full marketers are restaurants, cafes and bars. Attract new visitors you can just paint the walls in a color.

Red - the most active in the palette. His influence is twofold. On the one hand, it stimulates the appetite more than other colors. On the other - too much annoying the human psyche, providing suppressive effect. Most people feel uncomfortable, staying a long time in the interior, dominated by red, purple and maroon colors especially. Therefore, red is mainly used in the bistro, where people hastily snack, and then release the table. Shades of orange and yellow are the most "delicious". A number of special studies have proven that this is the range of colors contributes to the development of gastric juice. The warm lighting products appear more attractive, as marketers know large grocery supermarkets, where the cold shades rarely selected during the design of the walls or windows. In different combinations, but the orange color used necessarily. By optimistic yellow tones designers are advised to seek when choosing wallpaper or kitchen furniture. They not only arouse a healthy appetite, but also instill a sense of joy, security, which helps food better absorbed.

Cool colors, on the contrary, suppress appetite, soothe the human psyche. The blue color is opposite to yellow, which is reflected in the color spectrum, and is the most unfriendly shade for a hungry stomach. Blue, blue-green color and cool shades of purple also reduce appetite. Subconsciously, they are not attached to the food: product small in nature, the dyed color. Nutritionists recommend the use of utensils cold tones to people suffering from overweight. It is important to not overdo it. Blue - one of the most depressed of colors, so the interior, built entirely on its use, will oppress.

Green is neutral, but much depends on the shade. Herbaceous or light green colors associated with healthy, wholesome food, and draw attention to fruits and vegetables. The more yellow in the green, the more it will excite your appetite. Conversely, mixed with blue, it can dampen the feeling of hunger.


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Date: 02.10.17
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Zyski z korzystania dieta pudełkowa warszawa właściwą catering dietetyczny w warszawie.
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