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Published : 5-04-2016, 19:16 | Category: LIFESTYLE

Engagement - the old rite, whose roots go back centuries. But today it does not lose its relevance. Indispensable attribute of an engagement ring is, but there is a lot of disagreement as to exactly how it should be worn.

According to tradition, announcing their seriousness towards his lover, the future bride makes her a marriage proposal. If she answers him consent, he puts his finger on her engagement ring. From that moment, the pair is considered to be the bride and groom. Evidence of their mutual love and infinity that the girl's heart is already taken, is a ring that she needs to wear to the wedding.
Wearing an engagement ring on the ring finger is necessary. In this case then, in which one hand it will be dependent on the conventional tradition. So, for example, the Slavic peoples, as well as residents of Greece, Spain, Colombia, Norway, India, wear it on your right hand. While in many Western cultures, for example, in the US population, Italy and France, the UK and Sweden decided to wear the ring on her left hand. On the same hand wear engagement rings and Japanese. There are also countries in which the choice of hand depends on religion or region of residence. Notable examples of this - Belgium and the Netherlands.

The wedding day engagement ring is removed, and the engagement ring takes its place. The fate of the rings can be different. Sure, you need to store it all his life. However, in some families, it becomes an heirloom that is passed down from generation to generation. In this case, when your son will offer to enter into the bonds of marriage to his beloved, he could give her a ring that you took on the engagement of her husband.

Many women continue to wear the engagement ring and after the wedding. Some wear it on the ring finger of his left hand. Others, however, if it is in harmony with the wedding ring - wear them on the same finger. An interesting variation may be double rings which may be worn alone or fasten together.

It should also be noted that after the engagement the groom and the bride is still time to think about whether they want to live together all their lives. And if for some reason the bride changes her mind about her marriage, then according to the rules of etiquette, along with his "no" it is necessary to return to the groom, and engagement ring.
How to wear an engagement ring

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