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Published : 5-04-2016, 19:12 | Category: LIFESTYLE

In recent years become fashionable terms such as "balance", "harmony" - they are always found in Titles motivating articles in magazines about the life style and turn literally into the main meaning of life. Popular psychologists conduct regular thematic trainings, webinars, releasing books. But how to achieve this balance, the modern woman who is torn every day between work and home? Where to find the strength, being in this vicious circle?

Making a choice in favor of a career, it is necessary to understand that now you have to not only be a good wife and mother, but also a great employee. It is unlikely that your employer will worry why you unfairly perform their job responsibilities - because you think about the children or because they think through what to cook for dinner. If you do not do the job, for sooner or later you will be offered to find another place or go back to the family.

On the other hand, your husband, too, is unlikely to appreciate, if you will see the house tense and tired after work, it will not wait for a warm dinner, and children will be left without proper attention.

To better understand yourself and take the first step to the coveted work-life balance (the balance between career and family), you can take certain measures. We hope that some of our tips to help you with this.

Try as carefully as possible to plan your day and stick to the planned regulations. Soon you will notice that they started not only faster and better cope with the work, but also to spend more time with his family.
If your income allows, hire a housekeeper. At least, you will be calm and sure that the house is always clean and tidy and prepared dinner. If now you can not afford it, you learn how to distribute the responsibilities in the family. For example, the husband takes out the garbage and walk to shop, you cook dinner, the children wash dishes, wipe the dust and vacuum cleaner.
Try to spend only a weekend with the family. Turn off the phone and forget about the "burning time" and "extra urgent calls!" Provopit time with your family can be in different ways: leave the country, go to a cafe or a movie, take a walk in the park. Even doing all along spring cleaning can be fun house.
Returning home from work, be sure to take the time to their home: her husband hug, play with children, see a movie together. Nothing unites like a warm conversation. Over time you will realize that no delay at work are not lost time with his family near.
Do not forget to take care of yourself, your health and mood. On the way to work and home, listen to soft music or audiobooks interesting, take care of yourself in beauty salons, fall asleep with a good book, and not with the phone.
We know that sometimes the difficult choice between work and home, this feeling of a trap may seem insurmountable. More often than not, to decide on any changes we need to bring yourself to the limit. And at such times there is not enough support for the family, but you need something more effective. If you feel that this situation is beginning to have a negative impact on your health and appearance, you become quickly tired at work, unjustly ripped off on the family, worried and anxious on every slight occasion and bad sleep at night, it's time to help your body.


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