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Published : 5-04-2016, 19:08 | Category: NEW FASHION

With the approach of winter weather women think they will walk on snow and ice surfaces in their boots. In the shoes with a smooth sole to walk down the street in a strong icy conditions it is not only inconvenient, but also dangerous. How to make boots slipping?

When buying shoes just pay attention to their bottom. Choose shoes with corrugated soles. Not necessarily that it was a relief to the tractor tracks, quite shallow pattern (1-2 mm). Move your hand along the bottom: if it does not slip on the hand, and then on the ice, you will feel confident. If at this point you do not buy shoes, then use some advice on how to make last year's boots are not slippery.
Consult a good shoemaker. There you will be able to make prevention soles, thin pasted fluted piece of rubber, which does not spoil the aesthetic appearance of the shoe.

Take the old boots or a piece of felt. Cut out a semi-circular pieces of it. With the help of glue or nails fasten the felts on the toe and heel of his boot. To minimize slipping, glue the felt pieces. You can even walk on pure ice.

Spend sandpaper on the soles to boots slipping on the ice. This method is easy and does not require a huge investment, but it is short-lived, as the need to do it consistently, before each exit to the street. You can paste a piece of sandpaper on the sole of the boot (it is better to take it on the basis of tissue).

Buy a shoe store or a special silicone rubber pads for soles. They are very easy to operate because removable. They can be easily put on and remove, when necessary. However, they did not spoil the look of boots.

Wash sole dry, degrease with acetone. "Moment", apply a thin layer of waterproof glue. On top of him pour sand. Feel free to go on the ice, only occasionally repeat the procedure, as the sand quite often crumbles.

Use another popular method. Ignite an old nylon stocking and drip on the sole of the boot of the molten mass. After cooling, it turns out a sort of spikes, which are completely harmless to the sole.
How to make non-slip boots

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