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Published : 5-04-2016, 19:03 | Category: NEW FASHION

With the onset of winter streets sprinkled with salt. Yes, it helps to keep your feet. However, our suede shoes from this port. Ugly white streaks appear on it again and again. How to fight them at home?

Suede does not like moisture. Therefore it is necessary beforehand to acquire means to impregnate suede shoe, which gives it water-repellent properties. Treat them shoes at least three times, causing each layer after drying the previous one. So you can protect your boots or shoes from wet snow and salt.
If you do not have time to carry out prevention, and on your boots appeared white salt marks, do not despair. Start with dry. To do this, fill the shoes crumpled newspapers and leave the dry at room temperature. Do not put the boots to the battery! When the shoe dries, gently treat it with a brush, brushing the dirt.

To remove dirt and large salt particles suitable metal brush-Net, which has a flexible villi. Strong grime rub special eraser for suede.

When your shoes will be cleared, it is recommended to treat over the steam. Suitable conventional kettle, the spout of which has a jet of steam. Be careful not to burn.

If salt traces still remain, prepare a soap solution to remove them. Foam should be more. You can do without preparing a solution - take a sponge, better to a soft, wet it with water and rub with soap and water just before foaming. Rub her spots and stains from salt. Clean with a sponge, remove the foam after the procedure.

And drying again. Dry shoes, as described above, again stuffed with newspapers. After drying treat suede using a brush, finishing off uplift pile. If necessary, repeat the process of removing the divorce. It is necessary, if the salt is very much ingrained in suede.

Well, shoes and boots have become clean. It remains only to embellish them a little paint-spray for suede. You can not do this, but these funds will help make the shoe even shade and make it water-repellent.

Enjoy your walk!
How to remove salt with suede shoes

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