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Published : 5-04-2016, 19:00 | Category: SECRET STYLE

Do the French knots, contrary to popular belief is not the first time started in France, and in the distant China. French masters have adopted this technique from the Chinese when they saw it on the intricately ornate embroidery goods brought by merchants from China.

French embroiderers managed not only to master the ancient Chinese art, but also to make a contribution. They added one more turn of the thread around the needle! A trifle, it would seem, but this is largely a kind of changes the look of embroidery. Neat hardly protruding Chinese stitches do not look so vividly as French knots. But both of them are very powerful tool in the arsenal of embroiderers, as they allow to bring the work to perfection conceived, worked for some of the details.
This technique is rarely used as an independent with the embroidery pattern. But to fulfill the stamens of the flower, curls in a portrait or a small mole skilled worker can precisely with the help of French knots. Embroidery thereafter acquire an unusually beautiful and finished appearance. And only at high artistic skill French stitches can act as an independent art, with which you can create paintings, murals, miniature on bracelets and rings, items of clothing and accessories, many delightful gizmos for home (needle bed, lampshades, pillows, pins).

How to stitch technique "French knots?" The fabric needs to be fixed in the hoop to have both hands free. The thread is attached to the wrong side of the fabric and stretched on the front side of the work. As close to the tissue twice the thread wound around the needle (away from you). Make sure that the thread has been stretched as much as possible. Then it is necessary to pierce the fabric and pull the needle and the wrong side. Pierce should be as close as possible to the place from which the thread, but not exactly there, otherwise disintegrate over time, a knot. Stretching thread inside, you need to gently hold and correct the knot, so it is not crumbled, and beautifully laid down on the fabric.

For larger nodule is to choose a thicker thread, and not to increase the number of turns around the needle. By following these simple rules and constantly honing the skill with time one can become an experienced embroiderer in this technique.

How to make French knot


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