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Published : 5-04-2016, 18:54 | Category: SECRET STYLE

Sequins and glitter - round shiny bits of plastic in different colors, often covered with mother of pearl. In the middle of each sequins located hole through which it is attached to tissue. Embroidered sequins animates everyday costume, and in some cases can make out of it an evening dress.

Draw a picture of the future scheme of embroidery on paper. These may be all kinds of spiral branches colors any other form. Focus only on your taste.
Apply to the cloth, which will sew sequins, carbon paper. Top attach a paper pattern, circle all the contours. Remove the paper.
Insert the fabric in the hoop. Pull the fabric is not frowned, but do not overdo it, so as not to displace the fiber fabric and not distort it. Insert a thread in the fabric tone in fine beading needle. At the end tie a knot. With the wrong side on the face pull the needle at the beginning of one of the lines. Top wear sequins and bead in her tone. Squeeze the cloth. Walk through sequins and fabric, avoiding bead - is supposed to be a kind of flower, where sequins - the petals, and bead - stamen.
At a distance radius from the first sequins over pull the needle on the face (of course, for drawing a line). Repeat stitch.
In this technique, you can do all the work. After the iron the fabric inside out without touching the iron sites with embroidery so as not to damage them.
Another way sequin attachment. First pull on the needle on the front side of the fabric, as in the first case. Just go on the wrong side of the needle, stuck it in drawing the line right next to the glitter. It will turn out that the thread will be visible on the radius. Bring the needle back to half a millimeter from the entry point. Put another tinsel and go away again on the wrong side. The image will be similar to the scales: sequins arranged "overlaps". Make sure that they do not stand up to the edge of the fabric and lay flat. Beads in this technique is not necessary.
How to make sequins embroidery

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