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Published : 5-04-2016, 18:50 | Category: News

Thick hair - the dream of every woman. However, not all nature has bestowed luxurious curls. Thin hair quickly lose volume, and time-consuming installation simply falls apart. But if you create hairstyles use some tweaks, the effect of lush, beautiful hair will be long.
Creating hairstyles for fine hair should start with shampooing. To permanently locks preserved splendor, it is necessary to use special cosmetics.

Firstly, it is a shampoo. It must be lightweight structure, preferably with the addition of silicon. This means gently envelops the hair, lifting them away from the roots. Shampoo for dry hair use undesirable. Usually in its composition humectants are added to make heavier hair. It is better to take the remedy for oily hair, and if your tresses need hydration - fueled by their vitamin masks.

Secondly - a balm or conditioner. Choose a tool to give fine hair splendor. If you want to split at the same time to treat hair - apply a nourishing balm is not the entire length, and only the tips. At the roots of fat means try not to apply, or to create hair volume will fail.

The next item - styling. You will need a round brush large diameter. Use liquid styling and hairspray medium fixation. They do not make heavier hair and allow the volume to survive for long.

Apply the liquid for laying on wet, towel-dried hair. Spread over the entire length. Then, using a round brush and a hair dryer dry strand by strand. Screw the hair on the comb and sprinkle the roots of fluid styling. So dry hair, since the temporal zone. That hair of the occipital and frontal areas do not interfere to create a hairstyle, clean them up and kill it. If you want to blow preserved from morning to evening, with winding curls slightly nacheshite them at the roots.

Each strand, after it dried hair dryer, you sprinkle with hairspray. Then, after you're done laying completely, lower the head down and again use hairspray. So your hair will get the required volume, which persist for a long time.

If you are going out for the day, grab a comb and hairspray. If you suddenly lose your curls volume, it will be easy to fix, sprinkle them varnish.


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