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Published : 5-04-2016, 18:44 | Category: News

For medium length hair, you can make a huge number of hairstyles. It can be a variety of styling, hair using bobby pins and hairpins or fancy weave. The most important thing in such hair is easy to do hairstyle itself at home.

It is believed that the hair of medium length - a hair, the bottom line of which is below the chin and above the shoulder line. They can be trimmed ladder or cascade asymmetrically or straight. Regardless of haircuts on such beautiful hair will look a variety of styling.
To make styling, hair should sprinkle a special protective, as they will be exposed to heat. Then they need to be slightly wet and apply mousse or mousse. With the help of curling can do curls or ringlets. Taking advantage of ironing, you can make a smooth strands. Typically, medium-length hair well to stacking and then they just need to crush his hands strand by strand or drying with a hairdryer. To any hairstyle is best kept, in the end you need to use lacquer.

Very original at the mid-length hair look pigtails and a variety of weaving. However, for such hair needs patience and skill. For starters, you can try to braid French braid or spike. Take three strands above and weave like a normal plait, capturing new locks on the sides. Remaining at the end of your hair to fix and hide inside a hairstyle. For more complex tangles, you can use a variety of schemes and drawings.

Ceremonial suit updo. If your hair is shoulder-length, they can twist and stab beautiful hairpin-crab or hairpins. If the hair is not long enough to collect them at the back, can be to comb each strand and place separately vzbryznuv varnish. This installation will not look less solemn.

If you do not have the time or patience to braid hair and make packing, you can buy some beautiful hairpins. These may be clips, crabs, invisible, or easy-clip clothespins. They can be decorated with rhinestones, made in different styles and different colors. With their help, medium length hair will look beautiful and elegant.


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Date: 07.10.16
Status: | Author: adapo , Guests
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