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Published : 4-04-2016, 20:36 | Category: SECRET STYLE

People create family because fall in love and decide to live life together. But after a while it begins to seem that the partner did not the same as before, that other people are much more interesting. Man is such a way that, having reached something, it loses some interest in this, and look around in search of new goals.

There is a legend according to which God has gathered 10 men and told them that they brought their women. They did so. After that God has set men dish with sugar and instructed them that gave each woman a piece of her. After all were given sugar, a dish was empty. But the pieces were not 10, and 11, one more than the women. Who ate 2 slices of sugar? God asked men whose woman was sugar more than others. But no one has confessed. In fact, although one of the pieces of sugar eaten a man, everyone else started to think that some of the foreign women sweeter than the others, because she ate more sugar.

While courtship lasts, and man and woman try to look a little better than they really are. They do not show the disadvantages and being fascinated by the man, do not argue with him, and all over agree. Then, when the time of marriage, starting a routine, monotonous life, and here too the negative traits of the people of their companions appear in all its glory. It happens that women seek the advice of her friends, which are partners in the future to change their spouses. Then everybody can feel sorry about what happened, but the past is not correct.

Family life is not such a simple task. Another man, with all its complexities, brings into your life not only happiness, reliability and support. It can also cause for great frustration. A significant impediment to people living together can become treason. If a couple difficult period, partners quarrel and do not understand each other, then one of them can make the connection on the side. So a person gets positive energy that allows you to feel needed, loved, gives joy. Betrayal does not mean that one no longer loves the other. It is not easy to determine who is to blame for what happened.

Someone would raise his head high and proudly leave. And then over the years will suffer, remembering a loved one. Indeed, to make the fact that the closest person to you rather someone else, at least for a time, at least for one night - it is very painful and difficult. For some, this experience can become unbearable burden. But it's still the same person you've always known. Very often, there is no betrayal of love, without any serious feelings were. A short drive, desire, instigated from the fact that "everything is so bad that ...", and someone could make a serious mistake.

Almost every family sooner or later experiences a crisis. Breaking the relationship or to go through what happened, and continue on the road of life together again? If the cause is just mad, pride, if a partner is truly remorseful for what happened, it is an occasion to reflect on the serious situation. Perhaps we should try to forgive your loved one? After all, happiness, until it will not go away, no one in particular did not appreciate.


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