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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:57 | Category: News

Most people are wondering how to keep in relations brightness, warmth, understanding, respect, and most importantly, love. Family psychologists distinguish 5 basic ways to help the feelings are not extinguished after the wedding.
1.Budte gentle with his wife. With respect to her husband.

Home women need is to care for them. This should be the main task of the spouse who has to show that he loves and appreciates his wife. The need for the husband is to be respected. Men need to feel that there is a person who believes in him and that he is very expensive.

2.Otnosites each other as good friends.
The main sign of friendship - mutual respect. The relationship in marriage should not spoil the insult, even if you are very strongly quarreled.

3.Pomnite 4 main words in a marriage: to listen, to compromise, to correct and to thank.
Listening is a very important moment in solving any problems. You must be able to give her husband to speak. Do not interrupt.
The achievement represents a compromise to address the problem so that the result was satisfied with both partners.

Correcting the situation is important when you have been hurt or offended by the second half. Reconciliation should be such that neither you nor your partner will not feel any discomfort.

Thanks - this feeling for which you want something to do constantly, especially if it is sincere.

4.Chetko define priorities.
Your spouse should always be in the first place, rather than relatives, friends or career. Show off all the time, that value your marriage and that will not allow anyone to interfere in your relationship. Never sacrifice time with her husband for the sake of hanging out with other people.

5. How often can raduyte each other.
Family relationships need positive emotions. To do this, you should know that can please your spouse: words of love, gifts, help around the house, hanging out or anything else. Take your loved one a pleasant, and he will answer you in return.


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