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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:53 | Category: Family and Relations

Every woman wants to marry. And get out - successfully. And when white dress becomes a reality, and a stamp in the passport is already standing, the question arises, how to save your marriage, how to make the passion, love and respect would not go along with the years of living together.

Support and approval

Not only women love when they love talking nice words. And they have even greater need of support from my better half. Approval, admiration, recognition will remind your husband how much you love him.

It is best suited for this simple statement aimed, such as:
"You're very becoming this shirt."
"In this suit you the most stylish I have."
"I am very pleased that you help me to go for groceries."
"You have prepared a very tasty dinner, thank you."

Community and common recreation

Being together - does not mean next to lie on the couch and watch the news together. Even if you speak at this time, your account will not belong to her husband, and a TV.
Communicate - it means to be together, to talk, to look into each other's eyes, hug, doing something that you love.

Ask always the husband about how was your day at work, listen carefully and comment heard praise and cheers. Talk about what you are doing.

At play with the children, discussing their successes. Go for a walk with them, you will have time to be alone as long as they are busy in the sandbox.

At least once a month go somewhere together, fit and cafes and a cinema, and a bowling alley. Leave the kids with grandma or hire a babysitter. Spend a vacation with his family.


The gift shows that you think about your husband, and you like to take care of it. The choice depends on the nature souvenir hobbies of your beloved. It may even be a cheap trinket, but it must necessarily be just for him. It may even be a card or hooks for fishing. If the family budget is limited, suitable gift made with their own hands. You can make her husband a stylish cover for your phone or make a family photo keychain.

Bodily contact

Touch - is one way to express your love. More often kiss and hug husband. Do not forget about the fleeting touch, pat his knee when you sit down side by side, run your hand on the back as he passed, rubbed his cheek on arrival home. The main thing that touched him were pleasant. If any of your actions do not like the beloved, remember this. Ask what he did not like yet.

Care and support

Even if you are running, try to keep the house for the arrival of her husband was clean, and on the table stood a hot dinner. You can split your household chores in half, or periodically ask the wife for help. Very well, if weekend care of the house you will perform together.

Remember that help you be happy to render her husband - is the perfect expression of your love. Be sure, if you take pleasure in taking care of your wife, you will not get less in return.


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