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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:51 | Category: Family and Relations

Save the love and respect of her husband for several years can not please everyone - family life is sometimes complicated and ambiguous. Married to get used to each other, make compromises, turn a blind eye to the shortcomings, etc. One of the main problems of women as homemakers, is to keep a loved one and keep the family together in difficult situations.

That woman can save a marriage from destruction - from its ability to overcome conflicts, to find a way out of difficult situations and solve a variety of issues, from domestic to intra it depends on the welfare of the union. And we must be able to do it so that the man thought he took a key decision. This is not an easy role, which the wise women cope perfectly - affection, cunning, attention, etc.
Often the relationship between the spouses deteriorate when there are children in the family. The happiest time is overshadowed by the bad mood of her husband, which is often expressed in quarrels, saying insults and even scandals. The reason is that man feels deprived of female attention - a young mother switched on the child, giving all his tenderness and affection him. We must always remember that the husband needs to be exactly the same attention, involvement, love and care - treat him kindly, participate in his life, the interests of its problems. A solution of domestic issues, which are often deprived of power, can be divided between the spouses.

A man is always important to know that it is the most beautiful woman, slender and well-groomed - always monitor their appearance. The fact that you are very close, does not give you a reason to go to her husband in the old clothes, with disheveled hair and a stale face. Even at home, a woman should look like a queen - Give your man a reason to be proud of you.

Never switch roles with her husband - it should be mainly in the family. Do not try on the role of a strong woman, or else you really have it be, but being divorced. Your destiny - to be weak and soft. And the ability to act and to act so that all did not happen without you, is not given to everyone.

Always watch out for your own words - do not allow yourself even in a fit of anger speak impartially about the qualities of a man, especially when it comes to sex. This neglect does not forgive anyone. Never humiliate a man, do not complain to his friends and girlfriends, do not discuss their personal problems with them. Always try to stay calm and remember - even one outrushing accidentally insulting word may remain in the memory of her husband forever. A constant scandals and clarify the relationship with mutual insults - is a direct path to the parting.

Save your husband


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