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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:45 | Category: LOVE AND RELATIONS

It is believed that love - a very delicate feeling, especially the love of men. But in fact, maintain a sense of her husband is realistic for many decades. Indeed, in the history of the known cases, when a man loved his wife to a ripe old age. A wise woman will always be able to build a relationship with her husband so that he could not imagine life without her. To do this, she needs just to wish him love.
Men are like children. Psychologists have noticed that often they want to see next to a woman like her mother. A loving wife will try to learn a few tricks how cooking and housekeeping in-law.

Grumpy and picky woman can achieve obedience to her husband and his fear, but the love of a woman is unlikely to "survive" more than a year. The wife can afford to act up from time to time, to give her husband unobtrusive advice, but did not nag him for every mistake and blunders.

Throughout his life, the spouse should be able to wake up her husband's sexual appetite. The fact that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - only part of the truth. Main road passes through the marriage bed, and this part of family life in any time should not become a routine. The husband should always remember that in his own bedroom, he will get the greatest pleasure, the likes of which can not be found anywhere else.

The wife should be well-groomed and beautiful, even in stressful periods of life. To do this, every woman should have its own schedule of the day, and it is required to allocate a few minutes for the application of the cream, bath, creating a neat hairstyle.

A wise wife will suit family life in accordance with the preferences of a spouse. If the husband likes to eat, it will pay more attention to the kitchen. Neat-husband can "tame" perfect order in the apartment. My husband, who does not like to sit at home, the wife should as far as possible to accompany those events where he would like to see her next to him.

With the advent of the child's husband is often relegated to the background. It should not be. Even if the house is very small child, the father must feel important. It does not have to sleep alone. At least in the more or less peaceful nights wife must stay with her husband, accustoming the child to stay for a while without it.

Do not try to alter her husband. It is what it is, and at home he least wants to portray someone else.

The relationship between husband and wife can not remain the same throughout life. But at all times the wife must remain faithful to the wife and a cute girlfriend, who knows how, and to comfort and entertain, and maintain.
How to keep saving love of my husband

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