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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:42 | Category: LOVE AND RELATIONS

Time passes, and replaced by a fervent love and passion in the relationship between men and women often have affection and respect for each other. If you let things take their course, relationships can and do come to a standstill, leading to a constant quarrels and even treason. Psychologists have developed a set of methods aimed at the revival and preservation of relationships for life.
Wise advice for women


The monotony, routine, gray days can destroy the origin of the once male-female light feeling. For once you do not have to stand in front of the fact that more than her husband does not like, and most fall in love with her husband from time to time make to your life breath of fresh air. Finds a new class that can entertain and unite both of you, to give the opportunity to communicate with each other. Avoid the usual weekend hanging out and visit pottery lessons or go on a trip out of town. The time spent together for an interesting occupation, certainly unite you.
If the husband is working late or left on a business trip, remind yourself by sending it SMS or emails. Let it be a short romantic messages.
The solution to family problems

Combine the two can not only leisure but also the joint resolution of family issues and cases, such as financial issues. Scientists have found that men do not really like it when the wife strive to control their own income and spending. Keep the family budget together. Thus, you will avoid being born on this soil conflicts, get the chance to engage with one thing, will be able to conquer and fall in love with her husband. He will surely appreciate this approach and will support your decision.

A joint project

To re-fall in love with Man, you can offer him a joint project. For example, ask him to monitor you while you are sitting on a diet, or help him quit smoking. Or loans to repair, but then follow that disputes about who will be putty wall, and the color should be the wallpaper, did not escalate into war.
When a spouse next to hug him. Scientists have found that frequent touch reduces tension and stress.
Casual diet

To force the husband to love his wife, it is possible to diversify the daily diet. Include avocado menu, seafood, nuts, hot spices. This will refresh the weekdays and will help to strengthen the attraction to each other, because these products are recognized aphrodisiac. After all, the problem of lack of desire often is not only men but also women. After 35 years of experiencing this problem more than half of the fair sex.


Remove from the bedroom all that anyway can interfere with personal life in it. Among such items featured phones, televisions, laptops and other technological advances. Remember that the bedroom - it's an intimate space, designed for two people, and focus on being in it, you need only to each other. Another try to get enough sleep, because regular intimate relations promotes healthy sleep.


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