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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:38 | Category: STYLISH THINGS

Sincere broad smile, no doubt, is a jewel of every woman. But she, together with other emotional manifestations, causes the appearance of facial wrinkles. With age, most women have a natural desire to reduce the wrinkles around the lips.
Every year, the skin becomes thinner, drier and less elastic. In the mouth, a large number of fine little wrinkles which are particularly noticeable when they gets lipstick. These wrinkles are particularly obnoxious to any woman, because her lips are always in sight.

Unfortunately, the simple beauty treatments in the case of deep wrinkles the effect is almost impossible to achieve. Creams, masks, both industrial and domestic powerless.

Fortunately, the current generation of women have an opportunity to reduce the wrinkles around the lips with the help of more sophisticated techniques (Botox, collagen, laser resurfacing, etc.). Special procedures in beauty salons made both individually and in combination, depending on the complexity of each case. For example, Botox promotes partial immobilization of muscles. A variety of grinding (laser, chemical, radio wave, etc.) make it possible to smooth the existing wrinkles.

To reduce the small wrinkles, as well as a preventive measure, you can independently use a variety of cosmetics and techniques. A good way to cleanse the skin around the mouth of the dead cells and gently accelerate its regeneration allows daily rubbing lotion. When applying make-up as necessary to adhere to simple rules - before lipstick lipstick should first soften them a little cream and powder. It can be purchased at pharmacies or cosmetic stores special products that reduce wrinkles around the lips.

You can also use traditional medicines. The best means in this case will serve as a mask made on the basis of egg white, honey, olive oil. An excellent anti-aging effect have cucumbers, raspberries, grapefruit and other ordinary products.

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