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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:35 | Category: STYLISH THINGS

On the question of how to increase the size of the ring, can answer almost everyone - even the people have never faced a similar problem. However, the task of reducing the ring many baffled. Is it possible? And if possible, what is the process?

Immediately it should be said that not all of the rings may be subjected to the procedure associated with a decrease in their size. Typically, this delicate decoration, with fine and elegant compound, patterned base, numerous stones, ornaments, decorated with metal droplets - all the things that may be affected by physical impact.
It is easy to give in a decrease in smooth rings (classic wedding), "seals" and other rings and rings with no stones and openwork elements.

The mechanism of reducing the ring as follows: after determining the required size and specification on how much to reduce the product master removes a portion of the shank (element of - in fact, the ring, what is put on the finger). Then he gives the ring in proper form with the help of special tools and treatments - and the process is completed.

Another option to reduce the size of the ring - mechanical compression with the help of special tools (punches). At the beginning of the ring is heated (annealed), and then cooled. Further, it must be placed in a die having an inner bore, which put the ring. With the hammer blows, periodically removing and turning the ring, it gradually narrows from the mechanical action. Having achieved the desired result, you need to remove the ring and with the help of machine stretching to restore to its former shape by running-in.

It is necessary to note that while this technique ring width should not exceed 8 mm. If the wide ring, the wizard will use the previously described method.

Many people want to fix the size of the ring, but, referring to the signs, they do not dare to carry the wedding ring to the jeweler. Think not to be worse if you lose the ring, which is so dear to you? Or simply become useless to keep it, not bringing joy to yourself and your spouse? Signs - this is what people are told themselves. If you do not believe and do not think about them, nothing happens. So feel free to wear a ring in a jewelry shop and enjoy the decoration, which is so convenient "sits" on your fingers.


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