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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:31 | Category: LIFESTYLE

It has long been believed that a lie - a grave sin. However, it is found everywhere, even in the most intimate relationships of people. One can hardly find a man who in his life has never lied to his wife. Accordingly, a woman who has always been perfectly truthful in communicating with her husband, can rightly be called a saint! So what is the reason lies in the family? To what consequences it may bring?

Almost anyone familiar with this concept:. "A white lie" In life there are situations that do not want or are afraid to speak even with the closest person. For example, a husband in trouble at work. If he frankly tells his wife about it, help it, most likely, nothing will not be able, but the experience and will definitely be nervous, and how! And it is in answer to her anxious questions: "What is it, why do you have this kind of" plausible lie said the first, what comes to mind.

Or wife suddenly learns that she has a very bad analyzes, doctors suspect a serious illness. She was very scared, but did not want to reveal the truth to her husband: he was so upset! Perhaps the doctors were wrong, perhaps, be able to defeat the disease. Better to let her husband will remain in the dark! And he also says some plausible lie. Can we blame the spouses in this situation? The unequivocal answer is not here.

Sometimes it happens that a person is lying, fearing for his reputation in the eyes of the "half." After all, it hopes, is calculated, it must keep the level! Fear of disappointing not justify confidence pushes to lie. However, this is not the best solution. After all, such a lie sooner or later will come up to the outside, and not whether it will be an even greater impact on the reputation and respect between husband and wife? Yet, the Bible says: "Once lied, who will believe you," Really, it would be better frankly to explain why you can not fulfill a particular obligation.

And that's sad, but, unfortunately, a very common situation. Spouses cooled to each other, live together out of inertia, old love is long gone. According to the logic - to get a divorce. But what about the children? After all, for them it will be such a blow! Therefore, spouses pretend to accept the lie to each other. They say that all good as before.

Very few people who have never resorted to lies for one reason or another. But if the family really there is love and mutual respect, small lie will not lead to unpleasant consequences. In the worst case, the couple openly explained, perhaps, in a raised voice, and then be sure to make peace. On the other hand, if the family instead of sincere feelings - false if love were alone memories, any occasion revealed the lies can lead to a final rupture.


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