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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:29 | Category: LIFESTYLE

If you had a fight with her husband and want to reconcile Follow these tips and if you are sure you will succeed.

Cook dinner, cover the table, write a letter with all that thinking and feeling, because he can not hear or do not hear, but certainly read and understand your "message".

Then go for a walk. You do not need to meet her husband "in full dress" and try his seat behind the table prepared. Perhaps he was not only depressed quarrel, but tired at work. When he comes home, he will notice your efforts, rest, think. And you come back and be able to act according to circumstances.

If an argument with a loved one are frequent, do the following. Agree in advance about a special word or phrase that is completely abstracted from the nature of the relationship ( "Carousel", "peach"). This is good when the word is funny or makes you happy, pleasant memories. If you do not come to mind, then use as a magic phrase simple words: "I love you."

During the height of the conflict, one of you must clearly say this phrase. Then shut up, both a few minutes and then you can continue to sort things out.

Experience shows that after this quarrel is not there or goes in a completely different, peaceful course.

If a serious conflict, and the husband left, slamming the door loudly, then stepped over his own pride. You must be reasonable. Do not say to yourself: "First be reconciled? Never! If need be, then call and come. I do not fault! ". The opposite side thinks the same way. And it can wait, do not come and did not call. By then it will not be able to fix anything.

Remember, you and your husband - the two halves of the same whole. Surely you will not be able to talk or negotiate? Encourage him to talk calmly. Discuss the cause of the quarrel. At the same time, do not leave unsaid all important key points. Reticence can be stone, destroying relationships. It is important never to delay a quarrel and make peace as soon as possible. You can not escalate the situation.

If reconciliation does not remember past wrongs. After all, this is only provoke a new quarrel. The most effective way to reconcile with her husband - to apologize and to promise each other for no reason and never quarrel. You - the most expensive people for each other.

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