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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:24 | Category: NEW FASHION

Of course, the ancient Egyptian queen, adorning its face straight bangs, she knew what she was doing. This form allowed her look much younger and more profitable to emphasize the expressiveness of the living black eyes, and a thin line of cheekbones. So if you - the owner of thick dark hair and looks similar to the image of the ancient beauty (or its incarnation in today's films), then it can afford to try out the spell of classical bangs on myself.

But for thin and curly hair like bangs are not always suitable. It can safely wear a girl with an oval type face and delicate features. They are to face, by the way, any hairstyle and hair, including bangs, and without them, symmetrical and asymmetrical. And others, no less attractive and charming ladies, will have to look for yourself anything else, good selection available.

If you are the owner of the triangular shape of the face, you will look irresistible with long straight or slanting bangs down to the eyebrows. The short bangs and combed the hair on the sides - not for you.

On the broad "Roman" face with a large forehead and ponderous jaw look great wavy framing the face, asymmetrical hairstyle with side parting, and is not suitable slicked back hair and a long thick bangs.

Owners of individual elongated and tall, smart foreheads to avoid vertical lines, so stylists recommend them to make a thick bangs to her eyebrows, straight or asymmetrical; Curly hair should frame the face and close your ears.

If you have a round face with wide cheekbones, try not to do hairstyles, which repeat its shape. Do not comb your hair back and forget about such ideas as parting thick or long bangs, because such details visually expand a person even more. Short bangs also out. For you invented a perfect asymmetrical haircut, oblique fringe with ragged edges and a side parting.

When choosing a bang, which will be an integral part of your image, you should also take into account the shape. So, if you are frail, petite woman, it is unlikely that you should lay lush fringe. Slender and graceful tall girls, on the contrary, can make hair more volume, it's easy to get if the bang is made from ear to ear. Feminine curvy figure does not fit the type of bob haircuts, for them the best option - a haircut layers, sharply tapering and torn oblique bangs.

And by the way, a little advice from stylists: if you have not done a bang and do not know how it will look on your face, you should not cut your hair too short. After all, if you do not like the result, you can not change anything as long as the hair will not grow back. A long bangs can always be removed from the face.


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