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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:21 | Category: NEW FASHION

If you - the owner of the long braid, consider at least seven times before you cut bangs. To create a volume bangs have to shorten a significant part of the hair, and return to the more familiar styling will not be easy, it will have to do in several stages, parties hair to hair does not look untidy.

Hair paradox - the easiest way to do a bulk bangs on thick thick hair, but it brings the most benefit from the nature of a thin, flat strands. The fluffy bangs, especially when combined with a complex coloring, visually increases hair volume.

how to make a three-dimensional bangs

What volume bangs suit me?

- If you have low a narrow forehead, stop your choice on a thick (almost taken from the top) deep (shorn almost to the ears) bang.

- Long, below the eyebrow bangs volume will allow to divert attention from krupnovat nose; owners of small facial features suitable volume bangs, combed to one side.

- When a high forehead, bangs do not make too thick, it will cause the disparity face. The wider the face, the shallower should be the volume bangs, chamfer or otfiliruyte its corners to smooth the transition to the main length of the hair.

- Owners of thick and dense hair, you should make a choice in favor of graded and profiled bulk bangs - they will look quite lush, but not heavy.

- Curly hair is not always possible to carry bulk bang - it is likely that it will be very curly and look childish.

- If your hair is thin and "down", successful volume bangs entirely dependent on the ability to master barber. First, you should avoid haircuts with a strong difference of length is a risk that some of the head will always look "licked". An ideal option for you - "Bob" to the middle of the neck. Secondly, the bangs should be trimmed coats to avoid the visible jagged tapering effect, but at the same time to report the missing hair splendor and wealth of optical.

Volume bangs: a variety of packings

The best way to emphasize the extent of their lush fringe - is to try a variety of trendy hair styling. The most productive retro trend remains in this matter.

Style Pin-Up: Gather hair into a smooth bun on the nape. Bang nacheshite, tighten up using the forceps until a clear curl over the edge and secure with lacquer.

Film star style: screw the treated hair mousse for volume giant curlers, dry using a round brush. Form a side parting and lay lush, Jackie Kennedy-style bangs to one side.

Style 80s rock: carefully nacheshite the entire volume of the hair, lifting them up, including the bangs. Process the result of strong fixing gel.

volume bangs ago

Volume bangs "pompadour"

One of the favorite ways of styling bangs volume remains reception "pompadour", combining sophistication and gentility militancy rebel. Volume bangs "pompadour" - styling with a rich history. It took into service representatives subcultures of rockabilly and country, the Japanese Yakuza and the Italian mafioso, but now without the "pompadour" can not do any fashion show.

high bangs

how to make a high bangs

The bulk bangs in "Pompadour" style can be laid on the hair high and of medium length. By itself, the fringe in this case must not be cut short, or simply do not get to comb her, and raise up. Depending on your mood or plans you may put a relatively small neat "pompadour" or huge and extravagant. This kind of "pompadour" with the volume high bangs and lying on the sides of long hair (like Beyonce in the movie «All The Single Ladies») is called "buffant" and combines a ponytail and-rocker protruding forward to comb volume bangs known as " kviff ".

In order to create a "pompadour" of any size, you will need a round brush, hair pins, a comb with fine teeth for backcombing and locking means in a spray.

1. Wash your hair, treat them mousse. Separate the hair station square from the forehead to the crown, they kill it, the rest of the hair dry using a round brush.

2. Release pinned hair, divide them into 2-3 layers of horizontal (parallel to the forehead), thoroughly dry each layer wound on a round brush and pick up from the roots.

3. Use the pins or rubber bands attach high temporal strands, combed them.

4. Podnacheshite bangs and lightly sprinkle with lacquer at a distance of 30 cm. Kill the pin them or invisible so that they closed the place of fixing the temporal strands.


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