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Published : 4-04-2016, 19:05 | Category: SECRET STYLE

Joint purchasing is called the purchase of goods of the whole group of people. By purchasing a large amount of goods at once, people are saving, as it takes at wholesale prices. To be clear, we can give you an example. A kilogram of potatoes at a retail price is 20 p. A wholesale - 10. Of course, it is more profitable to buy at wholesale price, but that's just sold it whole bags and you and a bag of something nowhere to put. Then nothing prevents you to cooperate with friends of the same savings and buy a bag for a few people.

It was on such a system, and are based joint purchases. So people get food, clothing, household goods, stationery, books ... Anything, even household appliances.

In each group, there is always one person who takes care of all organizational issues. That is he finds goods, negotiates the price with the group collects money, receives the order and distributes it among the band members. Occupation is not easy, so this organizer decided to pay a fee, usually at a rate of 10-15%. Yet even this award goes almost entirely on account of payment of carriage, product packaging, etc.

Of course, such a system, there are pluses and minuses. The advantages primarily concerns the price of goods. Sometimes it is possible to acquire the necessary 50% cheaper than at a retail price in the store. In addition, this method of shopping saves you from having to spend time on trips to the store - all delivered directly to your home or place of pre-approved.

By cons include the inability to see the goods before purchase. That is, you can not try on clothes, check the serviceability of home appliances, etc. Faulty goods are always possible to return, but it will have to spend time and nerves. In addition, often, these orders involve prepayment. You can pay for the goods today, and get it in just a few days or even a month.

However, for many people to purchase such a method it is the most convenient and preferred. If you too want to join the group of people involved in the joint purchase, with the help of friends and all-knowing Internet Find out if your city like groups, and safely get their party.


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