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Published : 4-04-2016, 18:59 | Category: SECRET STYLE

"Advice and Love," "Live happily ever after" - the main wedding toast, as an option: "We wish the family well-being and prosperity!". "Children you a lot!" - Must attend to procreation any second cousin aunt Sima.

Designation of tactics and strategy of the family economy is largely confined to playing in the distribution of responsibilities (mandatory option "Money to spend, I will!") And humorous struggle between mother-in-law, and for the right to provide nursing or grandchildren financially (attributes are the sliders and money).

For information on how to plan a family budget, and even more so, how to save it, any advice is usually not audible. And in vain, because after a couple of days, this issue comes to the fore, and the couple unprepared when faced with a problem, can suddenly forget all the joy of the wedding, simultaneously with the joys of family life.

Even with reasonably good earnings of both spouses, but in the absence of an overall strategy, they are at risk to find that they literally have nothing to live and carry on the family farm. To this did not happen and you need to master plan the family budget.

From what family budget is composed

In the close-knit family with a steady income the most viable option - a joint budget. This means that after receiving the money wages are added together, and already from these common tools you'll distribute them on expenditure.

If for each family member an important point is the at least partial preservation of the independence, you'll like to offer an equity budget. That is, each of the spouses' otzhaleet "on family needs exactly half of their income.

In this case, the article in the planning costs will be slightly different. In particular, the point of buying cigarettes, lipstick or anything else that personal belongings will not be submitted to - you make this article of personal expenses and profinansiruete of the remaining half of the money you have.

Idyllic option - the entire contents of one of the family of the couple, which is very well earned. Then your family budget - it is his salary, and your own money you will remain "on the pin" and other pleasures.

There is also the option of a separate budget. It is such a scheme, when in fact no one adds up and simply defined items for which always pays one spouse and for which - the second. In this case all personal finances are in undivided personal use and also provided articles are spent by the owner.

To the west is planning the family budget often practiced, we have, I think, this will be quite difficult. As psychologists say, was to blame the notorious mentality.

So, choose the option, put all the money into a handful (literally or, preferably, in the form of recording the total family income on paper) and proceed to the distribution.

how to save the family budget

Planning for the family budget: about flies and cutlets

Actually, the main strategy is to correctly and clearly identified items of expenditure, as they say, a fly - a separate, burgers - separately.

"Cutlets" our case, these are the main article, the amount of the costs which is known and does not change from month to month. So one of the first items to be utilities, loan payments are required, a kindergarten or a circle for the child, etc.

Another point should take into account transport costs (travel, car petrol).
Be sure to take into account also the holidays and birthdays, because something happens literally every month.

Planning family budget will not be complete without the article, "accumulation". This item is a must-add to the list, designating an amount equal to 10-20% of the total budget.
Thus, you will set aside each month some money, which then can be spent on the purchase of large items, the trip to rest, to put on the child education. However, education is possible to get a bank account, then your list will replenish another article compulsory contributions.

Did you come up with any more mandatory items, the main thing - not to miss anything, otherwise all the work will come to nothing.

Now about the "flies". Ironically, cutlets, in the literal sense of the word, in this case, refer to the "flies". It will be such items that are difficult to calculate in advance. For example, you guessed it, food. There also we put household chemicals and other necessary purchases in the economy.

Another item we write the entertainment, trips to the hairdresser, etc. And in the end we assign the item "Miscellaneous", where you will send some money for unexpected expenses.

Thus, the plan is, it's time to distribute funds.

Planning for the family budget: distribute the money

Pundits of Economy and Finance advised to allocate resources in such a simple way:

60% - the basic costs, food and monthly household expenses;
10% - savings that will be used for large purchases or travel;
10% - with the accumulation of long-distance prospect (bills on education, pensions, etc...);
10% - entertainment and enjoyment;
10% - miscellaneous, unexpected expenses.

In fact, there are many schemes and programs for which you can master planning of the family budget. There are even online programs that make it easy to conduct home accounting and calculate expenses.
What we have considered today - just one of the options, the most intuitive and simple.

Also you can find another way to the percentage distribution of resources, if you, for example, have their own business, and you have to pay a monthly or quarterly taxes.
And finally, for those who are more or less cope with the monthly distribution of money, it may be of interest options in the family budget for the year.

Planning family budget, of course, a necessary and very useful. It certainly helps to avoid many problems, and does not allow you to stay hungry at the end of the month.

But sometimes there are times when a little planning and you have to tighten their belts.
And then it becomes relevant the question of how to save the family budget.

How to save the family budget

Popular wisdom says: "propyl vodka on matches not save." In a "combed" version of the idea it will sound like this: if you happen to make a major purchase, almost siphoned planning the family budget to zero, it is useless to take half-measures, in the form of savings on the purchase of handkerchiefs or other varieties of toilet paper.

The main thing is to understand that to save the family budget will have to go, so to speak globally, that is, to cut costs in all possible respects.

It is clear that to reduce the amount for payment of insurance, kindergarten or school lunches, we can not on their own. Unsubscribe from these services - not an option.
But we can substantially reduce the payment for public utilities quite. For example, this invention as water meters greatly simplifies the task. Of course, if they do not, to put the devices in such a spirited time as a period of total economy, will not succeed.

But the switch to energy saving light bulbs you are quite capable. In the first month of the counter confirms fidelity of your choice.

The main concern when it comes to saving the family budget, is an article on the cost of food. And then there are a few techniques that, according to experts, can help you. For example, it is recommended to give up a bad habit always something to chew (chewing call it a modest word "snack"). Thus, you can save not only money, but also gain a slender figure.

Also, a considerable part of the money taken away catering establishments. This is especially true for those families which made regular lunch or dinner out. Cooking a meal in your own kitchen is much cheaper.

We'll have to give up for a time by some delicacies, but nothing can be done, so you need to. In the end, the more serious you will come to the question of saving the family budget, the sooner your financial affairs will improve, and you should be back to enjoy your favorite dishes.

Buy products can be expensive, not only in supermarkets, but at wholesale depots and retail and wholesale stores - is another discovery which you have to do if you have seriously decided to save.

Fashion, of course, also a decent item of expenditure. Well at least that to change clothes, we do not need each month. During the savings will be useful to give up the habit to look in the shop every day after work and buy their own T-shirt "just for fun". It's hard, but it is a strategy to save the family budget.

As for when buying clothes is necessary, then experts advise saving you pay attention to the cheap stuff their collections last season. They are not inferior in quality to the clothes you used to wear, unless you're a bit of pootstanete "fashion wave".

If a good deal of thought, you can find a lot of possible answers to the question of how to save the family budget. To do this, fit reducing expenses for mobile communication, transportation and more. The main thing to remember that the total savings - a temporary measure, and soon everything will work out.

However, this situation can be taken out and very useful lesson, in particular, to learn to cut costs where it can be done easily.

And then, when planning the family budget, you may notice that the set aside more money on entertainment or unexpected expenses without much difficulty, that will help you avoid disasters in the next time.


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