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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:56 | Category: Hobby

The basis for knitted bracelet can be wooden or plastic blank, you will find in stores that sell art supplies and hobbies. Also, the foundation can be made, and their own - for example, made of papier-mache or flexible plastic (plastic folder, under the hot stand).

If you want to make the foundation of a flexible plastic, cut the band width required, fasten it with a stapler or strong thread. The volume of a workpiece can be given with the help of a piece of thick fabric, such as Coat cloth wrapping material around the edge of the plastic and Staple joint to joint.

Having done the groundwork for the bracelet, you can proceed to the next step - the production of its external finish. You can link a new strip of yarn or give a "second life" of some of the old knitted things you no longer wear. The width of the new strip must be equal to double the width of the bracelet. And if you use material from old things - some more, given to hem the edges. Cutting off a strip from an old sweater or scarf, first go over the edges of a transparent glue, such as "The Moment of Crystal", the fabric is not dissolved. Then it will be easier to work with.
If you knit strip, take a thin spokes that the web has turned more dense, and the foundation does not shone through it. Before you sew a strip of the substrate, it can be decorated with beads, beads, sequins or rhinestones. Then the bracelet was bright and elegant. First, sew the strip in a ring, then wrap around the base and seal the edge workpiece joint to joint thread in tone. Move the seam on the inside of the bracelet - and your decoration is ready!

Knitted crochet bracelets are "based" on a thin metal bracelet or a rubber band. For their manufacture can be used, for example, thread "Iris" or fluffy yarn "grass" strung with beads on it. You get an interesting and original product. As you can see, if you want to fill their 'box of jewels "and make original knitted bracelets, schemes may be different.

Finally, knitted bracelets can be soft, without rigid or flexible bases - it all depends on your preferences and imagination. Create these original ornaments with their own hands and be always adorable.


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