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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:53 | Category: Hobby

The choice of thread and theme for knitting toys. Knit toys are a great gift or addition to it. Start of thread you a wide variety of characters from the animal world, or cartoon characters to a fruit basket or a giant candy.

However, the most popular and favorite themes for knitting toys are bears, rabbits and cats.

They operate in a variety of ways. Some prefer needlewoman exaggerated unreal animals, others try not to argue with nature. The second group concerns and guru - Alan Dart, astringent "real" cats, dogs, and so forth.
Yarn, with which you will be comfortable to work, depending on the requirements of the final product. For example, it must be remembered that the white knitted rabbit intended for a child, have been repeatedly subjected to washing. So do not fit pure cotton, which gives a strong contraction for knitting toys. Poor will suffer humidity and fluffy yarns: mohair, angora. In this case, prefer acrylic yarn, which will retain the original image, as well as a toy embroider face and discard numerous decorations.

Knitting toys: The main loop and Tricks

Basically scheme knitted toys knitting needles needlewomen require the ability to create two versions of the web: the right and wrong (the second name: Shawl knitting and hosiery). With these basic knowledge, you can easily bind even sophisticated toys, if you strictly follow the descriptions.

The second point to consider when knitting toys - ability to work with four spokes (as when knitting socks). That is often invited to create basic, round, elements of the future knit toys with their own hands. However, this condition can be to get around and if you can correctly add or diminish the loop in the web.

In this case, the balloon-fit simple toys base web from narrow to wide, and vice versa. Then crosslinking occurs, stuffing and contraction of the top and bottom.
When knitting toys, best to stick to the following scheme. First, create a head and torso, then - the limbs and the required additional elements (ears, tail, nose, etc.). The assembly knitting toys is better to produce in stages. For example, the first to connect all the necessary parts to the body and head, and they have finally sewn in the last turn. Note that in some cases, attaching the eyes, nose and other elements necessary to produce another fabric knitting step.


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