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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:51 | Category: Popular

First, the man is important to understand that all decisions it takes, do not give him to understand that you are waiting for a proposal from him.

He, as a teenager, acutely perceives any pressure. But if the pet will ask him for advice, he will be flattered that she valued his opinion. However, he will not even check if it did, as he said, there is an important fact.

Try to understand your loved one, do not reproach him for his shortcomings. Men are not so painful to hear the rebuke of women, especially from his beloved. It is better to emphasize its merits, it would inspire him to new achievements.

Another way to easily push a man to marry - it is carried away by what he is interested. Football cheerleader, fan automobile or computer magazines - a great way to interest a loved one. The main thing here - do not overdo it, because a priori a man considers himself smarter, do not dissuade him.

Just do not forget about the competition. After all, the presence of competitors unimaginable kindles a desire to assert their rights. In this situation, it can temporarily forget the negative aspects of marriage. Hint that you are still young and beautiful and you still have everything ahead.

Try to be a favorite "most-most". Be a model of charm, grace and style. Every man dreams after a hard day to go back to where he calmly, where all like. Surround your chosen comfort, and he certainly wants to in his house waiting for him it was you.

Do not forget about the "path" to a man's heart. It is said that human energy to cook food is passed to it. Hit elect a new dish, learn the kitchen of his mother, to which he was accustomed to, and occasionally indulge cavalier different goodies cooked by you.

Remember that there are an incredible number of occasions to spoil his mood in a man's life. Learn to not only be in a good mood, but also a way to cheer up loved. And if we are talking about the mood, to protect him from your complaints. Certainly, he would have you and he complained, but the "status" does not allow.

And most importantly - freedom. This is what is so afraid of losing a man. Give him freedom of choice, and then it will depend on his affection for you. This is much more reliable.


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