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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:49 | Category: Popular

First of all you must carefully prepare for the conversation. Try to put yourself in the place of his head and think about whether you could earn increase. What progress has been made by you for the last time? whether the firm has a profit from your proposals?

You were there during your work large bargains? Answering these and other questions, you will be able to see whether it makes sense to ask about the increase now, or worth the wait more suitable occasion.
It is important to choose the right moment and to prepare a guide in advance. Do not contact the boss to talk of this kind before lunch, as this is the most time working and it may be many other more important things. Tell your boss that you would like to discuss with him some important details and ask him to tell the most convenient time for him. Lunch for this purpose did not fit, as the chief of you, of course, listen to, but most of the information he had turned a deaf ear. The most opportune moment for such conversations is considered the second half of the day, when a person is relaxed a little bit, did most of their work and not in a hurry.

Go to discussion, given the chef preference. If he's a talker, start your request with a short introduction about the company and your contribution to it. If the chief loves brevity, put him immediately exciting you the problem. During the conversation, do not worry, behave with dignity and openly. Bring more positive reasons, mention your accomplishments and achievements, point to the fact that the firm will only receive benefits if their employees make for little incentive in the form of an increase to the salary. Not Retrieve your lost and avoid repeating phrases and arguments. The main reason it is best to leave at the end of the conversation.

Said Head of the amount by which you expect. Not to raise it too much, otherwise your request will not even taken into consideration. Do not bargain, because in this situation you will look ridiculous and absurd, and the head is likely to be angry and shoved you out of office.

During the conversation, do not hurry, saying only the case and clearly. Take small breaks, thereby allowing the chief to consider your request. If the chief claims that he needed time to think, ask him to tell you the day when you can come back to this issue. Get ready to hear any answer. In case of refusal, ask the boss to explain in detail the reason for which it can not carry out your request. Listen carefully to him and find out what you need to do to count on higher wages in the future.


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