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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:43 | Category: Career

In a relationship manager and a subordinate can be two extremes. In the first case, the chief gives the orders, and their employee performs, moreover, any initiative on the part of staff is excluded, and workers, in fact, have no rights.
In the second case, the head behaves with his subordinates, like equals, thereby breaking the chain of command. The task of the wise chief - to be able to find a middle ground and stick to it. On the one hand, employees should not feel just a performer, does not have the right to their own opinion. On the other, they must respect and understand the chief features of the hierarchy in the organization.
Often employees are trying to operate in accordance with the expectations and requirements of the authorities. For best results, motivate the subordinate tasks and let him, with which he can handle. If you demand too much, the staff will no longer cope with their responsibilities. Too simple tasks, on the contrary, lead to the fact that employees will relax and start to work half-heartedly.

You must achieve, if not love, then at least respect for the team. Always clearly explain to employees what they need to do to avoid any misunderstanding, and you are not charged for the eyes of incompetence and petulance. If an employee has long been good at work or brilliantly performed an important task, praise him in the presence of the team. The claims, on the contrary, should be presented alone, do not disgrace the employee in front of colleagues. Explain, what was the error and how it needs to be fixed, and respect for you will increase.

And finally, do not start favorites. Firstly, it can cause conflicts in the team, which badly affect the work. Second, you probably be accused of bias. Try to communicate with all employees equally, without giving any one of them is clearly undeserved privileges.


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