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Published : 19-03-2016, 20:34 | Category: Sport and Fitness

Before you embark on the belt, find out the device your tracks. You have to know how to switch to the program, how to change the speed of movement or the angle of turning off the treadmill.

If you really have not played sports, do not rush to set records running. Set a speed that will allow you to walk briskly. Walk for 10-15 minutes, then increase the pace for 15 minutes. True speed is, if you are late for an appointment.

Stretch the shoulders, do not slouch. Do not lean while walking on the treadmill handrails. They are only required for insurance against a sudden stop moving belt. If your model has built-in handles sensors for measuring heart rate, still leave them alone. It is better to buy a wrist heart rate meter. Look straight ahead. Elbows bend at a right angle, gently push them to the body, so you can move them back and forth.

Note the correct position of the body and hands when walking, it will be easier to go to run. Increase the speed of the track gradually. The correct tempo one in which you can speak freely. Do not arrange the legs wide, hold the foot in line with the body.

When you are able to run at a comfortable pace for more than 40 minutes, it is time to increase the load. If you want to burn fat more efficiently, try to run in a ragged pace. After every 10 minutes of running at a moderate pace, increase the speed for 3-5 minutes. During acceleration of the conversation should cause you difficulty.

Not to knock the breath with increasing speed, breathing deeply and evenly.

Do not try to increase the speed, the fat starts to burn even at a medium pace. Your task - to learn how to run the greatest possible distance.

To feel comfortable, focusing on running shoes. Even if you exercise at home, in any case do not run on the track in socks or barefoot. Running shoes - Required if you do not want problems with the joints of the legs and lower back. Soles of shoes designed in such a way to minimize the impact load, and ensure the safety of your body. In running shoe sole is thick, slightly tapering towards the toe and slightly folded up. Always make sure there is arch supports. Since you're running in the room, choose a shoe with breathable mesh material.

If, in addition to the desire to lose weight, you want to build muscle, change the angle of the blade. The more it is, the greater the load on the hips and buttocks. Decreasing the slope of the track, tense muscles of the buttocks to make a move wider. By increasing the inclination - relax your muscles.

The average length of run shall be equal to 40 minutes.

Once you can run more than 5 km at an average pace, you can try to include a variety of programs incorporated into your treadmill. If you run a home, you will learn about them in instructions. In the gym - consult your instructor. Using a variety of programs to help you make jogging more interesting, and training - effective.

Do not expect results too quickly. They will come no sooner than two to three months of regular exercise.


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Date: 03.01.18
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